Neat Neighborhood Find: The Bike Rack


I once posted a picture of this place a long time ago but this past weekend was the first time I actually went inside to check it out. The Bike Rack is located at 1412 Q Street just off 14th Street. It always strikes me like it was a rowhome converted into a business, which I think looks super cool. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to chat with one of the owners, Wayne. The location has actually hosted a number of businesses over the years. Wayne told me that it was a plumbing supply store and most recently a doggie day care before becoming the Bike Rack. The Bike Rack will be in its current location for a year on May 12th. If you’re looking for a bike the store features models from entry level and commuter bikes to very high end. The store also does repairs and can tweak or update your current bike. Entry level and commuter bikes are priced from $350 on up. Wayne told me that sales have been brisk on commuter bikes recently since gasoline prices have gone up and up. I think the store’s a great addition to the neighborhood. Congrats on the one year anniversary and hope you have many more! More photos inside after the jump.

Lots of bikes of course.


Repairs done in house.


Other clothing and gear also available.


The Bike Rack’s Kite won the battle of the kites in the Smithsonian kite festival.


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  • If you are buying a house, Wayne is also a home inspector and he’s GREAT, assuming he is still doing that!

  • Wayne was my home inspector! When he was checking out my house, he told me about his plans to open a bike shop on Q Street… I’m happy to see how it turned out!

  • These guys rock. They fixed my flat tire when I played damsel in distress one day. I wasn’t playing, I really was distressed! The entire staff was awesome.

  • So glad to see this shop here!! There is always room for another bike shop and business will boom now that gas is steadily on the increase. I just hope DC can continue to make strides at becoming a truly bike-friendly city (right now, we seriously lag behind places like Seattle, Portland, and Denver).

  • I have also heard good things about their sunday morning group rides. Many people from the DC Tri club also use them for service.

  • Who’s that guy in the door?

  • That, I think, would be the Prince himself.

  • Oooo…. I felt like I was looking at bike porn just now…

    All these furniture shops featured as “neat neighborhood finds” – finally, one that speaks to ME!!

    I love bikes.

    And I will take this opportunity to tell readers to register their bikes with DC and/or make sure you keep your bike’s original bill of sale, or some sort of documentation of its serial number (a detailed photo of the number would probably work) in case it ever gets stolen (this is the only way you’ll ever get it back in the rare event that you find it)

    That, and be alert for stolen bikes on craigslist. They’re everywhere….

  • nice place u have here

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