Neat Neighborhood Find: Home Rule


Located at 1807 14th Street just north of T Street, Home Rule has been open since 1999. If you’re looking for home goods and don’t feel like going to the mall you’ll find lots of great options here. They’ve got tons of stuff for the kitchen and bathroom. They claim to have best collection of shower curtains in town. The shop is small but they use the space efficiently and the staff are extremely helpful. Prices range from a dollar to $250 with the average sales price being $32. Any fans of Home Rule out there? Check out some pictures of the interior after the jump.



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  • this is the best store name in d.c. but i guess most people don’t get the play on words.

  • I love HomeRule! Great selection of unique products for home and very helpful and friendly service.

  • love it! people are super nice too.

  • Re: the play on words, it actually took me a long time to realize what this store really was. When it first opened, I thought it was the office for a political group working for DC voting rights and representation in Congress. Since it took me a while to actually stop and look in the window, I remained misinformed for an embarrassingly long time.

  • I buy tons of gifts there. They have a lot of cute stuff!

  • also, its just south of T. just north of S street.

  • HomeRule is just a swell store. They were actually one of the first shops to open in the area, and it’s something like their 10th year in business. Support your local businesses!

  • There were plenty of shops in the area before they moved in. If your definition of “shop” is pricey kitchenware catering for upper middleclass gentrifiers then yes…they were the first. Don’t get me wrong, I like shopping there sometimes…but there were shops there before.

  • the only “shops” there before Home Rule were the Sneaker place north of there, an auto parts place across the street, several used furniture/junk stores, and an African American bookstore several blocks south. most of the businesses in that area were liquor stores, used car lots and really awful take-out places prior to 1999.

  • They’re awesome! And the shop right next door that sells all sorts of random and cool (and cheap! but they don’t look cheap!) goods is also a great place to go when you need a gift and have no clue what to buy. I go into home rule and buy little kitchen things for myself when i’m sad.

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