Neat Neighborhood Find: Good Wood


Good Wood, American Furniture & Decorative Arts is located at 1428 U Street and without a doubt is the bomb as the kids like to say. The store has been around for 15 years was purchased by its current owners, Daniel and Anna Kahoe, five years ago. I had the opportunity to chat with Anna. It was very interesting to hear Anna explain the difference between the patrons of today versus the patrons of 15 years ago. Anna explained that 15 years ago folks were buying houses and completely renovating them so they were looking for mantles and period pieces to restore their homes. Today folks are looking for decorative things for their homes and they tend to have much more eclectic tastes. Anna points out that this is not a vintage store rather it focuses on 19th century American furniture. I was surprised to learn that the store is dog friendly so they also have that going for them. The store has pieces for folks just starting out as well as pieces for those with a bit more discretionary income. Anna told me that they are able to keep their prices reasonable because they often buy entire estates and are able to get a deal on the bulk purchase. Prices vary widely from a $28 footstool to a $300-$900 chest of drawers. What this simple observer can say is that the store is exquisite. It has a bit of everything. From dressers, to bookshelves, to stained glass, to desks, to a bust of Beethoven. So if you like furniture and decorative arts of the old school variety you are going to love this store. The store is open Wed. 11-7pm, Thurs. 5-9pm, Fri/Sat 11-7pm and Sun. 11-5pm. Also on the third Thursday of every month they have wine and cheese. Dog friendly and wine and cheese, yeah. Check out lots of photos after the jump.






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  • This place is a really neat store. They have tons of stuff and almost all of it is very aesthetically interesting. Last time I was there they had some cool dog statues and fun knick knacks that would surely spur some interesting conversations. “oh yes that piece belonged to my great uncle chester who went mad shortly after buying it from a sea captain in (insert exotic place here)….” or you could just simply answer “I got it at good wood” which I’m sure would inspire at least a giggle 🙂

  • i miss the good old days when they sold stuff to renovate homes. it was so much cooler and cheaper back then.

  • I love this store. I’ve bought my dining room table, several chairs, a dresser, large antique mirror and other items there. They fill a gap between salvage stores and flea markets and antique stores. Their prices are quite reasonable, though I’m sure their prices have gone up. But still, you can get good quality solid wood antique dressers and tables from them for far less than going shopping at Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel. And sometimes it’s nice to not have to hunt for weeks on end at flea markets or Ruff-n-Ready to find what you want. Also note if you are buying several items they will usually give you a discount…they negotiate!

  • i love this store! beautiful pieces and displays. this and millennium and rckndy down U street make for a perfect combination of styles and stuff 🙂

  • The owners, Anna & her husband, are great. Pieces are priced to move, and the couple is constantly refreshing its stock.

  • A little off topic, but does anyone know of a list of other dog-friendly stores in the city?

  • I find it overpriced. But that may be just the fact that most antiques in the US are way overpriced.

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