Neat Neighborhood Find: Don Jaime’s


Yeah I know, for locals, Don Jaime’s isn’t exactly a neighborhood find because it’s fairly well known. But for those visiting from Wisconsin it certainly is! Anyway, I’m excited to hear what people think about Don Jaime’s. Located on 3209 Mt. Pleasant Street near Lamont, Don Jaime’s is one of the restaurants in Mt. Pleasant that is now featuring live music seven days a week. I learned that they only recently opened a bar upstairs a few weeks ago. I also hear that they have great breakfasts and even offer vegetarian options. Unfortunately the bar was closed when I stopped by so I wasn’t able to check it out yet. Has anyone had the chance to stop by? How’s the music?

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  • I’ve never been to the bar or heard their music (other than the jukebox) but have been to Don Jaime’s many times for weekend brunch. It’s super tasty and the service is good. It’s a nice, much chiller, alternative to brunch at Tonic or Dos Gringos. My favorite thing to eat there are the Migas, which are eggs and sour cream and cheese and salsa scrambled with tortillas. I highly recommend getting the beans or rice as a side when given the option – the potatoes are kinda sad…

  • I went the other day with a large group of schoolchildren to Don Juan Restaurant on the corner of Mt. Pleasant and Lamont Streets. Don Alberto, the owner, did such a nice job for our group. he made pupusas for some of the kids and the rest, believe it or not, wanted hamburgers and french fries. The parent and teacher chaperones had fajitas, quesadillas, tacos, guacamole, tamales de elote, de pollo and other typical Salvadoran and Mexican foods. We had a great time. it’s not gourmet, but we liked it.

  • I couldn’t agree more about the brunch. Don Jaime’s is a great place to get some huevos rancheros and coffee on a weekend morning and ease into the day.

  • i love don juan! it’s the best place ever! their margaritas are phenomenal.

  • Don Jaime’s and Don Juan’s are actually two different restaurants that are practically across the street from each other. I frequently eat at both places. Don Jaime does indeed offer an amazing brunch — I go there practically every weekend. The owner will be having live music soon, as well as a scrabble night and a chess night! He’s working on having a vegetarian night as well. So stay tuned!

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