Neat Neighborhood Find: Capitol Hill Books by Frank

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The following neat neighborhood find is not exactly on the Green Line but it is well worth a profile. My buddy, Frank, lives in the Eastern Market neighborhood, and wrote a terrific post about one of the greatest bookstores in the city. I figured we, certainly I, pine for bookstores frequently so it was time to appreciate one that we already have.

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon when I arrived to speak to Jim Toole, owner of Capitol Hill Books. I introduced myself and requested a few moments of his time to ask some questions about the store.

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  • That was a really nice piece PoP. And I will def. be sure to check it out next time I am in the area!

  • Looks like heaven. Thanks for the spot!

  • I highly recommend this place…

  • Dude, really, the Olympia, the ship that Commodore Dewey uttered that phrase at is now a museum in Philadelphia. It’s not a great museum, but shoot, it’s pretty interesting.

    but then people on this site call me an elitist. Naw, I’m just not ignorant.

  • Very cool store, check it out.

    And support the insurgency! Couple of them are buddies of mine, so I need to make the plug:

  • Re: military history books, do they have a large collection of naval and/or maritime books? Always looking to add a few more to my collection. And yes, the Olympia is preserved in Philly and well worth the trip (see the USS New Jersey in Camden while you’re there).

  • I used to live down the street from Capitol Hill books and would chat with Jim when I walked my dog. He would sometimes mention his time in the navy, making it sound like he did nothing but swab decks all day long. Imagine my surprise when some long time Capitol Hill neighbors clued me in to his former navy status—as an admiral!

    He’s a great guy and the bookstore is a Hill treasure.

  • To Mr. T: I spotted a few good naval history books while I was there to conduct the interview, so I would go take a look.

    To Anonymous (above): I’m as surprised as you! Jim told me he bought the bookstore after getting fed up working as a contractor for the Department of Energy!

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