My New Favorite Gas Station

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I’m curious, does anyone prefer Starbucks to Dunkin Donuts?

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  • I prefer Mayorga or Sticky Fingers to either…

  • i was at this DD on a weekend at around 11am and watched a car get stolen. a lady started yelling and running after her car as it was being driven out of the gas station. she’d left the car running and was inside the store.

  • I don’t own a car, but if I did I would only fill up at Citgo. Viva Chavez!

  • Chavez? Really? I mean, I generally like people who insult our current president, but Chavez is a bully and an authoritarian. Anybody who uses brownshirts – er I mean “Bolivarian Circles” – sort of loses me. Amnesty International says they torture and kill opposition supporters. Viva Chavez? No thanks.

    Oh, and starbucks coffee tastes burnt. Dunkin D coffee is really overrated, but at least it doesn’t taste burnt.

  • Not that I’m refuting a stolen car at this gas station, but there isn’t an ‘inside’ at the DD/Hess….it’s all walk-up. And, any other coffee > Starbucks. Big Bear gets it done.

  • st. the united states constitution might consider the current president a “bully and
    an authoritarion”. i think he’s pimp slapped it pretty well..

  • Reuben, true. Only the fact that G W B has two slutty daughters to have dirty fantasies about, not to mention the kinky librarian wife, makes up for it. Does Shavez have any such? πŸ˜€

  • Back on the subject of coffee…
    PoP, dude – I must agree with Justin – Mayorga or Sticky Fingers. They both have Fair Trade coffee, whereas Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts have very little. Plus, it’s better to support these local businesses. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been walking up 14th by the Starbucks and want to yell at the people hanging out there “Don’t you know there are 2 great locally owned coffee shops up the street ?!!?!!”

    Speaking of Fair Trade coffee, you must have just missed the International Fair Trade Day Celebration at Cafe Collage by a few minutes.

  • Starbucks is overrated and their coffee is horrible. That dunkin is 3 blocks from my house and I love it. But if people in the neighborhood want something less chainy please go to Big Bear Cafe on First and R NW.

  • stolen cars, slutty daughters, fair trade coffee, donuts, kinky librarian wife… could this post and its comments get any better?!?!?

  • No, there’s nothing better than Dunkin (for a chain coffee shop) says this Massachusetts-born girl. Of course, I’m all for supporting locally owned coffee shops, but when it’s gotta be chain, Dunkin is the best.

  • Dunkin is gross. sorry.

  • I’m with Erica- it’s watery bland “hotel coffee” that must somehow appeal to people who don’t like coffee. And I hate how they add sugar and cream for you (waaaay too much sugar). I guess you can do it yourself, but that seems not to flow with their service model.

  • oh, right. we were talking about coffee.. i prefer dunkin donuts to starbucks..
    the latter is so burned, they should consider a name like “civil disturbance, 1968”
    or “arsonist’s delight”.

  • starbucks = “arsonist’s delight” !! hahaha, it DID get even better!

  • Definitely Starbucks over Dunkin Donuts (and I’m from Massachusetts where DD is king). I used to think Starbucks tasted burned, too. But it’s just really strong and sadly, makes almost anything else taste watery.

    That said, Mayorga coffee rocks and when there’s an option between local and Starbucks, I’ll always choose the local.

  • I don’t think Starbucks is completely overrated. I prefer their specialty coffees and drinks over most other stores’. I think they def make better Chai Tea Lattes than Mayorga (way too sweet), but is it wrong to like them both? Because I do-and I like DD. I have to say however, the staff at Mayorga are always really nice and provide great customer service whereas sometimes at the other places just a mixed bag. Kudos Mayorga!

  • Every time this topic comes up on a blog, Starbucks gets slammed. Clearly they’ve peaked and its been cool to trash talk them for awhile. I’ll defend them though…their coffee is pretty good if you like the dark roast stuff. I’ll take Counter Culture Coffee at Murky or Big Bear any day though.

    DD is piss, sorry. They put 2 inches of cream and sugar in each cup by default to hide the taste of their truly bad coffee.

  • starbucks is crap. i feel sick eery time i step in to one. i walked into one today and heard an ethnic version of gangsta’s paradise originally by coolio.

  • Mr. Loos –
    Oh, c’mon, when was it not cool to slam Starbucks? In 1996 I was in a long line in a Starbucks in San Francisco, and the girl behind the counter would not give me my coffee until I asked for it properly:

    Me: Large coffee please.
    Her: You mean a venti?
    Me: Is that what you call a large? Because I want a large.
    Her: You mean a venti?
    Me: Sure, you know, whatever a large is. Small, medium, large…I want a large.
    Her: You mean a venti?
    Me: Fine. Yes.
    Her: Yes what?
    [long pause, defiant eye contact]
    Guy behind me: Come on, goddammit.
    Me: Yes, I want a venti.
    Her: Sure! That’ll be 1.85.

    I think she had just started working there, and her manager was watching, but still, Starbucks has been thoroughly mockable for both its culture and its coffee since the beginning.

  • I am convinced that a lot of people who frequent Starbucks rehearse their orders so that they can say stuff like “double skinny soy half baked, cirrus-numbus, hold the
    centrist to right republican latte”. my late father called them polysyllabic drink orders.
    The word pretentious also begins with “p”, doesn’t it?

  • I order my Chai Tea Latte like this:

    medium chai latte please. thank you.





    I don’t know what starbucks you go to.

  • its the starbucks in San Francisco, circa 1996..the one with the long line.. geez miss K, did you even read the post? πŸ˜‰

    i agree with reuben and st… i feel completely ridiculous when i order from starbucks (but not enough to make me stop going i guess)… it reminds me of organized religion… all these big fancy words and practices designed to suck you in and make you feel like part of an elite mass…its just some exspensive crap that youre going to piss out in the end though…

  • Cristobal, I did read the post and hanging on to one experience that happend in 1996…I’m sure things have changed since then…oh wait, from personal experiences they have. And Cristobal, you must not have read mine when it was implied that I don’t follow their rules and still enjoy their product so maybe you should reread this post.

    See you at home. πŸ™‚

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