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I hope someone was able to use them but it just seems like an odd thing to leave out. Do you think it was left out for someone who was shoeless or was it left for someone who would walk past it, stop and say damn those are some sweet kicks?

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  • they even come pretied–what a value add.

  • that is so ghetto. take them to salv army or sumthing. to leave some trash on your front yard and just think “oh some bum will take them” is just lazy and pretentious. a fridge or couch is one thing.. but some dirty old shoes.. come on.

  • you’d be shocked at how quickly stuff disappears.
    I was moving out of an apartment in CoHi and as I cleaned the apartment, I put stuff out on the sidewalk with a sign that said “free”, figuring that if stuff was there when I was done cleaning, I’d take it with, but hey, you never know who needs a free bed frame, right?
    I don’t know if there were people hiding around the corner or what, but stuff was gone within 2 minutes. shelves, bed frame, spare doo-dads… once I realized how quickly stuff was going, I started putting out shoes, etc. It was all gone before I was broom clean.

    Maybe these shoes are the last remnant of a pile of free stuff?
    Either way- someone will take them. There are scavengers out there.

  • i’m just so glad they posted the “free” sign.

    otherwise, they’d be there forever! :o)

  • UN people are not allowed to comment, liz! :o)

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