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  • At least they don’t have to decide what color to paint their house!

  • i think this would look so romantic and magical if it were a manor hidden in the hills somewhere..but in a crowded city i think it looks like the big fuzzy green beast on the corner… like that blue thing in monsters inc., but more eco aware 🙂

  • It is cool looking. Ivy and climbing vines do horrible things to brick mortar, though. I fought raccoons and bees to tear a crapload of it off the back of my last house.

  • ouch, time for a trim I think. I would have no ideal where to even begin.
    Unfortunately I think boston ivy damages masonry, so not really the best idea to let it grow on your house. I think it can look really beautiful though.

  • maybe they can give it a “landing strip”? 😉

  • *squinting*

    Is that ivy or kudzu?

  • That is ivy, not kudzu. Haven’t seen much kudzu this far north, and its leaves are much bigger.

    Culling it should start at the base. Once the vine roots have been severed from the rest, it should come down more easily.

    MissK, I like the ‘landing strip’ idea. A full face of hair – eyebrows, beard, etc. – would also make a wonderful house-art piece.

  • Does anyone know whether there is a kudzu problem in DC? I’m thinking of Dumbarton Park, by Montrose Park? There’s a hill going up to, I’d guess R St, that looks like it’s covered with something like kudzu. (Sorry – I realize this is outside of normal PoP jurisdiction).

  • Perhaps the owners were put under a spell and are sleeping for 100 years…

  • I think Kudzu is in Dumbarton park as well as along canal road. Fox grape is also a huge problem over that way.

    Have not seen too much up our way in Petworth/CH.

  • I’ve seen kudzu at the back end of the zoo behind the near Mama Ayesha’s at the Calvert street Bridge bus terminus. I think the harsher winters here prevent it from being the beast that it was when I lived in Atlanta. I heard tales of it growing a foot a day but I’d say it was more like 4 to 6 inches a day where I lived. I would see chain-gangs along Buford Highway cutting it back. It looked like a scene from “Cool Hand Luke”…

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