It’s Time To Play Good Deal or Not?

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I thought this was a really interesting one as it is a condo in what looks like a more traditional home rather than a building. The location is 3423 Brown St, NW #201 zip code 20010. It is located between Meridian and Monroe just west of 16th Street. It is a one bedroom, one bathroom. The remarks from the flyer say: “Stylish 1BR in heart of Mt. Pleasant, oak floors, modern kitchen, updated bathroom, high ceilings, pet friendly, 7-10 minute walk to metro…” It also says there are photos online but I don’t see the web address so if someone finds it please post in the comments. The price is $305,000 and condo fees are $120 monthly. Sounds pretty sweet, yeah? So good deal or not?

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  • These have been for sale for a while… price does not seem to have changed too much. My question is how many units there are in total.

    Yesterday I was across from the beautiful big white house at 17th and Newton — I heard that it’s turning into 6 condos, and that the bank foreclosed and then couldn’t find a buyer, so the bank has hired sub’s to finish the condo conversion. What with yesterday’s WaPo story on bankruptcies, it’s scary to think about starting a project and being stuck with a white elephant that you can’t get off your hands.

  • Good deal!

  • Good price but it’s too cramped for me… guests have to walk through the tiny bedroom to get to the tiny bathroom (no bathtub!), and while the low dues are nice, if that house is the whole condo association, I’d worry there would not be enough in reserves for any emergencies. I’d pass if I was still looking.

  • these have been around for over a year or close to it. Meaning they are not worth what they are asking because they are only worth what people will pay. So it would seem they are asking for more than they are worth. So they are not a good deal. logic would tell you.

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