It’s Time To Play Good Deal or Not?


This house is located at 2226 12th Street, NW and the asking price is $637,800. The flier says that the house is completely renovated and has two huge bedrooms, two full spa like bathrooms, powder room on first floor and a chef’s eat in kitchen. You can check out some photos of the inside here. It also has one of the sickest copper backs that I’ve seen (photo after the jump). So what do you think good deal or not?


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  • That copper back must be what inflated the value.

  • It’s an OK deal, but a great location. You are paying a lot more b/c of the renovations, but for the buyer that doesn’t want the hassle of renovating, it might be worth it — just expect to stay there for 5+ years to receive a decent return on the appreciation.

    It is a small house, though.

  • The copper is pretty awesome, and I like the spaces and the kitchen, but the sliding-glass shower wall is kind of 80’s for my taste. I’d knock it out.

  • Nice house, yes. Good deal, no. Two bedrooms for $637K? According to the property tax record it was bought two months ago for $335K and the 09 tax assessment is $450K. A good looking flip-job from the pics, but I’m guessing 50-90K in renovations maybe…so maybe that pricetag is just really, really wishful thinking?

  • I thought of this with your other recent copper-back posting. Isn’t this the kind of thing that people will come and peel off your house for the money?

  • it’s definitely a nice house, a great location (I live a block away and love it) but that’s pretty pricey. And those bathrooms, from the pictures, don’t like anything near “spa like.” Maybe if the real estate market weren’t what it is, it would be a good deal, but given the state of the market, I think these people will have some difficulty selling at this price.

  • Beautiful house, nice backing (although I don’t think I’ll like it as much once it turns green), not so great price.

  • What U Street Girl said- I agree 100%. It seems like a nice, thoughtful renovation, but for the lifestyle you’d be buying–a two bedroom, fairly small living space with a patio and parking (no yard or green space), an updated yet work-space-free kitchen with little storage space (I’m sorry, but it takes more than nice appliances to warrant the use of the word “chef’s” to me- you’d need an island, then it’s not an eat-in kitchen anymore), totally modern interior layout– you’re essentially getting a nice new condo living style, but paying a ton more. It doesn’t seem to offer (from the pictures at least) the little perks of home ownership- a basement for extra storage/ square footage, a place to garden, character of an older row house, a big kitchen, etc. Granted, you’re buying the land too, in a nice location, but I think this place will have a somewhat limited target audience, so it might not sell for a while. Then again, it might be someone’s dream house.

  • Oh- and it’s listed as 625K on the realtor’s web site.

  • Personally I’d say that’s well priced and a good buy.

  • Spa bathrooms? Just looks like a tub with a glass dower and a toilet to me. Also, why do people spend all this money renovating the kitchen and then install ugly-a$$ cabinets? The kitchen is pretty ugly in general, actually.

  • i’d say fair. if that house were on capitol hill, it’d be going for 50k more.

  • OK…I thought it was just me. I didn’t see anything spa-like in the least…Looks like there’s pretty good space, but I’d still be hesitant for that price.

  • For 2 bedrooms? no way!

  • the copper IS sick, and the location is good, but if it goes for more than 575k in this market, the buyer is insane. other than the copper and Bosch appliances, this is just a medium-nice renovation. nothing else very interesting about it, just basic stuff. the baths appear to have been done in Home Depot-special tile, tub and toilet. there is no yard. you are almost parking in your kitchen. i agree with earlier comments–this is basically a copper-covered condo.

  • Good deal! Location is awesome, the deck and parking area are sweet, the hardwood and fireplace look really nice. The bathrooms are not “spalike”, but then I wasn’t expecting them to be.

  • Good deal! Location is awesome, the deck and parking area are sweet, the hardwood and fireplace look really nice. The bathrooms are not “spalike”, but then I wasn’t expecting them to be. The kitchen fixtures also look nice.

  • I built this house and it is a custom build. There is nothing Home Depot about it. All the cabinets are solid wood and the granite is not the 3/4″ Home Depot style it’s 1 1/2″ thick. All the fixtures are Kohler, jet tubs, hanging sinks, toilets and all faucets ect. All the lighting fixtures are special order and from Illuminations down town. The house is also built with attention to green building. The floors are kempas and grown from refurbish forrest, all the toilets are water saving, the hot water runs from a 9.8 gallon tankless water heater, the roof is rubber made from recycled tires. I can go on and on about this house and every house that I create. If you would ever buy a house from me you get the best value for your dollar because the product is great. It is easy to sit on here and blog and not now what you’re talking about. I do know what I’m doing and can justify the price by the product I produce. The decision to use copper on the back was made because it is virtually mantience free and it looks GREAT! I sold this house for full price plus!

  • Brian – do you do contracting work or just renovate for your own account? If you do contracting, if need be I can get in contact with you through Leyla.

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