I Shan’t Glorify Sensless Graffiti

IMG_8473, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

But since this was in an alley, I really like this old school feel. There is a certain Beastie Boys presence lurking.

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  • It’s old school but it also shows that graffiti has not matured past the wild style of 1979. It’s a medium with zero artistic growth. Any art students care to suggest why it failed?

  • graff hasnt matured past 1979!? you have no idea what you are talking about. Do you even know what wildstyle means?
    the graff in this pic is just a quick throw up by a toy. it’s not meant to be a “mural” it’s a quick bomb to get your name up.
    the person who did this just isnt good, maybe just starting out, maybe a lil kid, . the paint is dripping, there is no 3D, his letter style is rudimentary… It takes years of practice to be a good graff artist. This is why it looks “old skool” to you, because in the 70s people were experimenting and laying the foundation of what graff is today. it was in it’s rudimentary stage.

    Graffiti hasn’t failed…. why dont you go research what real graff is. than go around the world and see the different styles ppl are doing in paris,germany,england, tokyo, ext.

    -dropping knowledge like s*it from a seagull.

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