I Can’t Decide if I Like it or Not


Normally, I totally dig unusual planters but I have mixed feelings about this one. It kind of reminds me of a car parked on one’s lawn if you know what I mean. What do you think – pretty cool or an eyesore?

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  • I think if they had planted nice things in it, it could have been maybe ok, but the placement of the tub and then what is in and around it makes it look like a car pareked on one’s lawn.

  • agreed. the tub is not the problem – the crap growing out of it and around it is the problem.

  • The tub *is* the problem. This is right up there with toilet planters.

    And the peeling paint adds that extra bit of “don’t give a damn”.

    I say Eyesore.


  • Considering how expensive claw-foot tubs are, these people are losing a lot of money by keeping theirs outside and not selling it. the fact they don’t know they could sell it shows that they’re not thinking.

  • This eyesore reminds me of what we had in our backyard when we bought our house several years ago, from the actual original owners. There were two old claw foot bathtubs buried in the backyard that we had dug up and removed. They were not in good shape and had been in the ground for who knows how long.

    BTW, does anyone know of people or a company that refinishes bathtubs and restores claw foot bathtubs and puts in showers? And I don’t mean anything like bathfitters on tv, but restoring something vintage.

  • Toby – try talking to the folks at the Brass Knob. I’m sure they can direct you.

  • wow.

    Ok- full disclosure — I lived in this house oh, 5 years ago? When we moved in (renting), it had just been refinished, and the tub was just hanging around, so we asked the landlord if we could keep it. He was happy not to have to move it.

    The roommates and I painted it a much fresher version of the pink you see there and built a hinged, laminate top to make it into a huge, storage ready, kinda funky coffee table.

    When we moved out 2 years later, not wanting to to deal with its cast-iron heaviness, we just left it there in the living room.

    I’m totally weirded out to see it in the front lawn. And definitely disappointed. Car in lawn, for sure.

  • Yeah, they’re not the gold mines you think they are – brass knob offered me 70 bucks for mine. No doubt they’d mark it up to 500, but that’s why they’re in the antiques business. So it slumbers in my basement…

  • Oh, and are you kidding? Eyesore.

  • It’s not the tub, it’s not the house, it’s the fact that it doesn’t stand out as a funky piece of found art amidst the surrounding grandeur. If it were, it might be quirky cool. However, in a neighborhood that struggles with trash and general upkeep (both private and public), it’s too much of a bad thing.

  • Porcelite in MD refinishes tubs & sinks. Typically the $500 tubs at Brass Knob have already been refinished, that’s why they cost so much.

  • Community Forklift is da. bomb. diggity.

    it is essentially a used home depot, and very cheap, and very awesome.

  • can’t say i really like the vintage porcelain tub-as-planter (as much as i like vintage porcelain tubs in general), but with that pink tinge, that’s a really fabulous photograph.

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