House(es) of the Day

IMG_8355, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Here another couple of examples of some pop ups that I think look pretty good. Do you like the one on the left or the right better?

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  • nice find. i like the one on the left better …

  • Agree. The one on the right looks a bit off with just a little bit sticking out. It could look slightly better from a different angle though. The one on the left has very nice “proportionality” (is that a word?) to it. Well done. Viva PoP-ups like this!

  • I like the one on the left. I think what makes this kind of pop-up good is that even though you can see the addition, it’ doesn’t muck with the original roofline. Setting it back a little bit somehow makes it work for me.

    I’m not sure the one on the right is really a pop-up. I bet they have a rooftop deck, and that’s just an enclosure for a staircase and doorway to the back part of the roof.

  • I think the key element to a decent pop up is the siding. If you have a brick house that all of the sudden has a cheap vinyl siding top floor its always going to clash. The pop-up on the left works because the siding is the same. If you didnt know anything about DC real estate, you would probably guess that the pop-up was original to the building and not a cheap add-on

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