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DSCN0097, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Holy canoli, I just stumbled upon this one on the outskirts of Mt. Pleasant/Columbia Heights. Best house of the day yet?

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  • yeah! Tell Boo Radley it’s time to come out

  • Or, “House most likely to be haunted.” yikes.

  • I love this house, I think it’s a remnant of what the homes in Mt Pleasant were like back in the day, before they tore down the old Victorians to build rowhouses. Does anyone know the history?

  • One of my coworkers is 72 years old. She grew up in Mt. Pleasant and was recently interviewed about living there and about all the changes now. She said the interview is going to be on TV soon. I will find out more details and let you all know.

  • Why does she still work at 72? Heck, I am must be really lazy but I plan to retire and not work after I am say 62.. preferably earlier.. 😀

  • I think she just likes having something to do and they pay her a lot…

    It will be on PBS I know now, but it is not finished yet so no air time scheduled as of yet.

  • Yes, it’s pretty.

    But, I gotta say I’ve seen many a “made-for-tv” movie, and whenever they show a house like this, there is usually an indistinct ghostly figure in a top floor window… wait a minute, is there someone slightly pulling back the curtain on the left-hand side of the bottom floor window?

  • Why is it anytime I see a house I know I’ve seen before “in person” posted on this blog that I can never place it or call its address? So where IS this house, that I know I’ve seen before?

  • Wait, wait, isn’t this house on Brown Street, perpendicular to Newton by 16th Street?

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