Has Anyone Been in this “secret” bar?


So a colleague of mine told me about this place a while ago but I still haven’t had a chance to check it out yet. She says it pretty fresh in a very unpretentious way. I can’t remember the name but that doesn’t matter because there is no signage only this red marking. It is located on 14th Street north of U Street a few storefronts down from Marvin’s. So I’m dying to know about this place. I’ll be checking it out soon but was wondering if any folks have already been?

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  • red room? i think that is the name

  • Prince Of Petworth

    No Red Room is in the Black Cat.

  • My friend says he’s heard it referred to as “second red room” but has never been there.

  • Looks like red lounge. I have been there. It is one of my favorite places to “get away” from the normal scene in DC. They play mostly hip-hop/reggae/dance hall. Very unpretentious, chill & fun. On a Sat. night it will pull a decent crowd and there will be plenty of dancing. During the week it is a little more laid back. Although, I don’t know how secret it is… they have a sign that says Red Lounge… unless this is a different place. It is in between Marvin’s and Jin Lounge, no?

  • Is this related to the old bar “Red” that was hidden down near Dupont years ago? I heard it closed… It was a great underground place though.
    and anon: there’s a place between Marvin’s and Jin? Are you sure?
    From the pic, it looks like no- there’s a storefront w/ a tree that I don’t recognize.

  • E- I really don’t think this place has anything to do with the club Red that was on Jefferson that you speak of. Actually, I’m positive of it.

  • It’s Red Lounge. It’s in the basement and/or upstairs of International Grill between Marvin and Jin. I have not been there.

  • It’s fun & unpretentious and a lot like the “old” DC places to go in the U Street Corridor . . . we went there one night when Marvin had a line around the block to get in, Busboys had a 45 minute wait and Jin was all roped off for “table” service.

    We ended up shutting the place down because the music was great and the vibe was so low key.

  • As i was walking by with some friends one night..the men at the door of this place were asking us to come in and telling us about the music that night. Seemed like a fun place, unfortunately i was done for the night.

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