Good Looking Stump

IMG_8419, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I really do like this tree stump, it’s got character. I think it’s awesome that the folks built a fence around it. I suppose the fence may have been put up while the stump was a tree… But someone told me once that it is bad to leave stumps in the ground because they attract termites. Any truth to that? It really does look pretty cool though.

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  • a picture of a stump

  • stumps are also a pain in the ass to remove…so it may have accidentally become a focus of the garden.

  • that is a good lookin’ stump! looks like a movie stump! like little faeries should come out of it or something.

  • I’m certain I’ve walked past that very stump recently and thought the very same thought. Nice stump.
    8th Street, right? Between S & T? Such a strange thing to draw ones interest…

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