Georgia Ave. and Taylor Development Watch

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Lots of nice progress on this corner. Can anyone explain how the two concrete towers that have risen work in the overall structure?

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  • They are the elevator shafts, almost always built first.

  • Lol, PoP, you are such a bimbo.. 🙂

    Yeah, they are ballistic missile silos of course.

  • Shafts baby shafts!

  • They seem kind of big to be elevator shafts, and there are two of them. My guess is that at least one of them is a set of fire stairs, built out of concrete to provide a longer burn time in which to evacuate.

    The construction in Takoma near E-W highway and Blair had a similar structure. It seemed like they took forever to pour the slab and build these towers of concrete. Then practically overnight there was a block of townhouses spanning them.

  • Partner is an architect. The towers are the elevator shafts.

  • In a reinforced concrete structure, the elevator shafts / stairwells typically serve as the lateral load resisting system. The walls of the core (as it is known) are designed as “shear walls”, to resist lateral shear loads from wind and seismic events. The core is built first so the incomplete structure is able to resist these loads as it rises (The design loads increase with building height.).

  • Dan, wow thanks. I wish I understood constuction etc. that well. Its fascinating stuff.

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