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  • I, too, love this garden. They did a beautiful job creating a creative and unique design. I also love the house in general. They use such bright, fun, and contrasting colors and somehow make it work. (They also happen to be a really great family.)

  • I love it!

  • Soooo nice! I love the irish moss (at least I think that’s what it is).
    Along those lines, I noticed that Garden District has planted one of the treeboxes by the store with miniature groundcovers. It looks a little like a green roof…the plants are grown all together and nothing is taller than about 2 inches. One of the pants has tiny pink flowers, some gray-green leaves, some a very pretty yellow green. I think it’s a great idea for tree boxes because most of these plants, like the irish moss, are sold as “steppable” groundcovers. very cool!

  • I just hope that the owners aren’t going to paint the front of the house with that neon yellow shade they put up on the side just recently…

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