Creative Vegetable Garden

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I’m starting to see lots of interesting tree boxes but I was surprised to find one with a vegetable garden. I think it’s pretty cool but I hope to hell they wash the lettuce with bleach or something because dogs do love those tree boxes too, right?

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  • Lol.. good luck getting any for themselves. Dogs are the least of their problems. At some point some passers by will start picking it up, and at some point some drunken “I am so freaking tough, in fact I am a thug” will kick it around.

  • Interesting. so any car that parks there won’t be able to have their passenger get in or out.

  • Anyone know what the law says about improving or generally messing with those squares of dirt along DC sidewalks? I notice people doing it fairly regularly, and might want to do it myself. Anyone know if there are actual regulations? Not that a regulation against it would stop me, mainly just curious.

    Then again, there are probably regulations against leaving crack vials in the same locations, which doesn’t stop my neighbors. But then again, it wouldn’t really surprise me if crack vials are ok but gardens expressly prohibited.

  • Unrelated follow-up: does anyone know what critters might be responsible for yanking out things like freshly planted habanero plants? We keep planting stuff in a tiny garden in front of our house and something digs certain plants up. This is before they actually sprout any peppers, and they’re very selective, so we’re pretty sure it’s not the work of a human.

    My guess was squirrels. Anyone have other ideas?

  • Squirrels and rats. I put random rocks around the bases of my plants until they get big enough – the squirrels are possessed!

  • Our neighbor built a mesh cage over his flowers and it seems to do the trick.

  • the gorch: I don’t have the exact details and couldn’t easily find anything on the DC government website but there are rules about the height of fences and the height of the plantings. Every now and then some home owner gets a ticket by an overzealous DC employee or someone is sent out to chop down the very tall sunflowers!

    I think there is also a rule against the fence being on the street side–fences are only to be on 3 sides.

    Overall if you use common sense you should be fine. I think those who beautify tree boxes for all to share and enjoy should be commended.

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