Coolest City Church Yet

IMG_8599, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Now this would an appropriate use of dope sky as an adjective. I stumbled upon this church after wandering around the Crestwood neighborhood. This is a Russian Orthodox Cathedral located at 4001 17th Street, NW. It is pretty spectacular.

But a funny thing that happened to me as I was taking photos a couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses approached me and asked if they could give me some literature. I said sure. Then they asked if this was where I went to church and I replied no, I go to the 9:30 club. One of the ladies looked at me quizzically and then pointed to the cover of the Awake! pamphlet she had handed me and said ok but ask yourself: Are we living in the last days? Man, that would suck walking around everyday thinking “we are living in the last days”. Shit, if we were living in the last days I’d head straight to the 9:30 club.

Well, sorry for that aside. Some more cool photos of the church after the jump including a pretty sweet door.



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  • yes, we are living in the last days….

    the last days of May 2008

  • I actually got a phone call from a Jehovah’s Witness last week. She left message saying that she would like to read a scripture with me (but didn’t actually read the scripture on my voicemail) and then gave the address of a Kingdom Hall way out in Bladensburg. My neighbor hands me Watchtower and other literature occasionally, but this is the first time I’ve gotten an evangelizing phone call.

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