Cool New Building


Thanks to a reader for alerting me to this cool building. His email said it was a triangle building located near the new Floridian Condos on 9th by the 9:30 club. So it only took me about a half an hour walking up and down 9th street before I gave up and finally found it on 10th Street. It was well worth the journey though as this is a wild building. Do you like the style. Ed. note: I’m still cursing my camera for taking these damn whacked pictures. Check out another angle after the jump.



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  • im passing my hat around for a collection at the happy hour tomorrow so we can get you a new camera… as much as i love the idea of seeing the world through your rose colored glasses, i cant stand looking at all this pink shit anymore, lol

  • this building looks awesome. I love the good quality materials.

    re: pink – is it some setting on your cam you accidentally clicked? (clearly I am really helpful…)

  • wonder if it could be that you have somehow screwed up the white balance setting?

  • that thing is so ugly. it doesn’t fit in and neither do any of the other massive overpriced condo buildings.

  • Here’s a tip regarding the photos: in Flickr, open the photo after you upload it from your camera. Then click on “Edit Photo” at the top right of the image. Wait for Picnik to load – this may take a little while. When it opens the photo in Picnik, click on “Colors” and either try the auto-adjust feature, neutral-picker, or manually adjust the color balance using the “temperature” bar and maybe that will help. Good luck!

  • I like the building. It is the contractor who did a gut renovation on my house- Shelterline Ltd.- so I may be biased.

  • Love this building. Love the mix of older details with newer forms. And the scale and proportions are a perfect fit with the adjacent buildings.

  • I’ll be having fug cubist nightmares about that one tonight.

    Dr. Caligari, here I come!

  • I live next to this place. It’s been a huge pain in the ass with their construction stuff taking up half the parking in front of the block for like a year (and it’s a very short block). All kinds of random “emergency no parking signs” in fact my car was towed while I was away for Christmas break and had no idea. That was great. The angle is really severe and it majorly sticks out in the neighborhood. It’s much better looking than the monster condos down the block, but I can’t say I’m super pleased.

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