Cool City Sticker

IMG_8358, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I particularly like the rising sun in the background. And for some reason it is really fun to say ‘go home robot’.

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  • The hipster obsession with pointless, childish irony continues to deface our city. This will be the logo of some “indie” music group no doubt, trafficking in the time-honored tradition of peddling piffle masquerading as erudition.

  • Good call on the “indie” music group! One question: Did you use the thesaurus feature in Word or are you just obnoxious?

  • Hey I can be pompous and use a thesaurus too

  • I guess you’re just obnoxious… How about this: why don’t you try making something worth more than your five dollar words and two cent comments. Then you can actually talk smack about other people’s Art and have some ground to stand on. Oh yeah, go take a writing class, flamer.

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