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  • Yes, I love it! Though I wish they maintained some old-DC flair, the place seems like was a total rehab and gut job. Great job!!! The owners obviously have an eye for style and design. If they could have preserved the mouldings, pocket doors, etc I bet they would have.

  • Not really my personal taste, but I’m sure it is an improvement over what it was. (hard to say with no before pics though). An awful lot of Ikea, which is bit of a personal turn off, only because I lived in an apartment for a year or so that had been recently Ikea-renovated and some of the fixtures weren’t built to last. The refrigerator seems in an awkward location for the workflow of a kitchen- I would swap it with the washer/dryer, and put a door/screen over the washer/dryer to cover it.

  • Apartment Therapy is very heavy on the sterile Ikea look and rarely acknowledges that there are other styles of decorating an apartment… which I why I stopped visiting the site a long time ago. Not that I don’t like this apartment, but it’s just very typical of what you see on that site.

  • What’s exciting about it is that it’s such a small rowhouse. Just 2 rooms on each floor plus a bathroom upstairs! They say 700 sf, and that’s a pretty small house — yet 100% of the house, instead of a condo with 100’s of neighbors

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