Columbia Heights Coffee is Totally in my Head

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In a good way of course. I didn’t think things could get any better after the new bagel and lox option. But now they have one of my favorite deserts in the world – baklava. For only $1.50 too. Can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

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  • Baklava sucks ass. Way too sweet for my refined, oh so obviously superior tastes.. Just had to say that. Sorry PoP. 😉

  • I love Co heights coffee. Seriously. One of the best spots in the city. The staff is so nice and its just… comfortable there. They have great sandwiches too, if you are willing to sit through a bit of a wait for it.

  • GforGood: Try the “Namoura” at Mama Ayesha’s. It’s everything wonderful about Baklava, without the over sweet/gritty texture. I was never a huge baklava fan, but liked the idea of it. Now that I’ve had this namoura, I can never go back.

  • I am not a fan of CH coffee – I’ve had rude service one too many times for my tastes and I find the cramped quarters too uncomfortable. I’m all for local, but this place needs to make some improvements before I’d go again.

  • I wish they’d start on the frigging expansion already. I also think they need to seriously (1) add some more and better cream cheese spread flavors and (2) get better lunch meats, better bread, and more topping variety so they become a true deli destination as well. Knish would be great, can’t get those anywhere. But it is all contingent on more space for prep and for seating. That space next door is just sitting there waiting, come on!!!

  • While I like Columbia Heights Coffee, and agree that their staff is extremely friendly, the service is just too slow. The food items take forever to come out. Last time I ordered, I waited for 20 minutes and ended up leaving without my food (even though I had already paid) because I had to go to work.

    Excellent coffee, slow food.

  • Yeah, very friendly, but very slow. I went after PoP’s post about the lox cream cheese bagels and I ordered one. it took forever for them to make my drink and my food, and I was the first one in line so I didn’t have anyone’s order in front of mine. There wasn’t a lot of room to stand and wait as the line grew very long very quickly, and they got my order wrong, but it was still good. I would probably still go back.

    GforGood, maybe you just haven’t had good baklava. There are lots of different types and some are sooooo good, while yeah, some are just too sweet and yucky.

  • Their dill pickles and coleslaw leave much to be desired. This, like The Heights, is a place I find myself trying to love, but so far, I’m not totally there. Maybe I’m just not ready for that kind of relationship…

  • service is hit or miss: Some days, they will bring your stuff to you after they get around to making it, other days not. Went there the other day (telecommuting while sick) and all four of the comfy seats were full, as were the outside tables. When they got done with making the double-costly-chai-moka-thingy they shouted it out.

    Not bad coffee though.

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