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Back in February I posted about this church for sale on the corner of Taylor and Illinois. Well I just got a flyer from the new congregation introducing themselves, which I thought was pretty cool. Welcome, St. Gabriel’s Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

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  • Aren’t there enough churches? This isn’t a rant about religion. But can anyone reasonably say that there is a need for anymore churches in DC? How much differentiation can there be among religious people?

  • Doesn’t “Ethiopian Orthodox” answer your question?

  • At some level, don’t they all believe in the same god? As such, shouldn’t the Ethiopian Orthodox church be saying pretty much the same thing as the Ethiopian Unorthodox church, assuming they are all catholic as the name St. Gabriel’s would imply?

  • Why are there so many bars? Don’t people all drink the same alcohol anyway?

    (And nate, the name St. Gabriel’s doesn’t imply Catholic–Gabriel is a Biblical figure, whom all Christians will recognize. In fact, the division between the Orthodox church and the Roman Catholic church is much older than the Protestant/Catholic division.)

  • I think Ethiopian Orthodox is more alligned to Greek and Russian Orthodox theologies, but have cultural differences. They are unlike the Roman Catholic Church that establishes the Pope as its leader.

  • It would be awesome if Monday-Saturday it was an Ethiopian restaurant. That’s the problem with churches. For most people, they are just a void on the street that must be walked by to get to other destinations.

    But there is an ethiopian restaurant down the street on Georgia Ave (Abol).

  • ZetteZelle,
    Bars are for-profit establishments. As such, they seek to carve out a market for themselves to make MONEY. Therefore you will see a bar or club seeking to differentiate itself. The ones that do a good job of it stay in business. Churches, on the other hand, serve the same god and preach from the same bible. Or at least they should. That should render the service a commodity. One church should be able to give you the same message of hope and salvation as the next.

    As such, you don’t need an abundance of any one denomination unless there are some ulterior motives.

  • There are alterior motives. Churches are probably more competitive than bars and many of them are out to make money too.. 🙂 The good churches serve some wine though.. well, just a sip and of horribly quality, but wine nonetheless.

    Anyway, I agree, the fever churches the better. And in particular those churches that just pose as churches to get around some regulation or the other should be shut down.

    Yeah, I am not much of believer…

  • GforGood,
    I assume you mean the churches with full scale restaurants on the premises (avoiding taxation) that serve the most unhealthy food to the people that need it the least. Or maybe you are referring to the churches that avoid all kinds of costly regulation by locating a daycare center on their tax exempt properties?

  • nate, youve completely crushed my belief system, my hopes, my dreams, my everything, with your blasphemous honesty. i hope youre happy 🙁

    i think that some of the PEOPLE in church can be life changing, if not world changing.. but nothing makes me madder than when a business with a cross on it circumvents the rules/regulations/taxes of the real world by claiming faith in a higher power

  • The house next door is still for sale (at $390k). They were apparently using at least part of it for Sunday school/nursery. It smells like a diaper full of Indian food.

  • I would imagine living by a church would suck on sundays. I mean parking would be a beast and the noise of the bells and choir and everything else along with it would probably get old fast!

  • “Churches, on the other hand, serve the same god and preach from the same bible. Or at least they should.”

    Wow, Nate. There are no shades of grey in your world, are there? Don’t get me wrong. I believe a part of what you are saying regarding the overall similarities of worship but is there no room for cultural and generational differences, in your opinion?

  • Oh and Kalia, it can suck on Saturdays and Sundays. I used to live by a church where the members had a horrible habit of double parking… assuming the cars on the street belonged to members and not the hundreds of neighborhood residents. Most members weren’t that obnoxious, though.

  • Note to self-better to find no parking I think, than to get boxed in… I think I would be furious!

  • G for Good did you really mean to say “alterior” motives.

    It is an interesting play on words, even a pun given the subject was a church. And like “irregardless” and “flustrated”, alterior creates a wonderful new word based on two real words with related meanings – flustered and frustrated, regardless and irrespective, alter or perhaps in this case, altar and ulterior – the word alterior didn’t exist for me or the rest of the world until you just coinated (created and coined) it and I thank you 🙂

    Like the universe, the English language is expanding. And conseclusively (consequently and conclusive), I would suggest that Petworth needs more church-goers than churches from what I have seen.

  • Use them in a sentence –

    Irregardless of the fact that another church was coming to Petworth, I found the alterior motives of the congregation very flustrating when I was searching for a parking space; conseclusively, I joined the new church and prayed for an end crime.

  • There’s an Ethiopian (I think Orthodox) church on Buchanan Street, near the car barn on 14th Street. On Sundays, there are hoards of taxis parked nearby, as many DC taxidrivers are Ethiopian and attend that church. There is another Ethiopian church on Bladensburg Rd right near Fort Lincoln Cemetery, ditto with the taxis. And another Ethiopian church, this one evangelical, on Eastern Avenue where an Orthodox Jewish synagogue used to be, before relocating in Maryland.

  • In America, many Ethiopians are first or second generation folks who arrive here and pull themselves up by the boot-straps; many own small businesses, taxis or get into school right away to get ahead. They also help each other get ahead on arrival to the US. They kiss hello three times like the Dutch and speak with other Ethiopians who are strangers like they have known each other forever. At the Ethiopian church at 16th and S Street, NW the Sunday services are attended by a wonderful group of people who always spend a lot of time chatting and kissing hello after services. The women dress for church in beautiful festive white and the handsome Ethiopian men and children always look spiffy and wear big smiles. I think this polite and cordial people will be a welcome addition to the Petworth neighborhood!

  • “Aren’t there enough churches?”
    This society is all about embracing the temporal, isn’t it? A former English professor once opined that, in America, the malls were the new cathedrals. She had a point, I think.
    She had a point.

  • Remember that any church property and endeavor is exempt from any taxes. Drive up 16th – the beautiful, incredibly valuable properties that are churches (and there are many more than the lovely classic church buildings) remove the properties from any chance of contributing to DC. The worst offender, fortunately not DC’s loss, but Montgomery County’s – the 60 acres of uber-valuable real estate upon which the Mormon Temple roosts .
    To be charitable, this Ethiopian church and congregation may well be a pleasant addition. Just remindin’.

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