Chix to Get Liquor License

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I was very happy to hear that the great Chix restaurant on 11th Street just north of U Street will be getting a liquor license on June 11th. They will be offering three types of beer and wines. Some of the beers will be local and organic, I’m told. So instead of just eating responsibly now we can also drink responsibly. Now that’s my type of eating.

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  • What does eating responsible mean Chix? I hope local first, organic second.

  • I tried Chix a few days ago. They serve organic foods, not sure about local — probably not, since my veggies had corn, so clearly shipped in. Their plates & cups are all biodegradable. The chicken was delicious, and so was the mango water (like dilute juice also with mint – not too sweet and very refreshing) & tea we had. The veggies were more so-so, just overcooked. But overall I was very impressed and will be back!

  • love chix so much- they use free range chickens right. the flavored waters rock. of course local is better. their chicken has become a special treat for my husband and i (cause it’s pricier) who love peruvian chicken but want to eat better quality ingredients.

  • Thanks to this post I tried Chix today for carry out dinner. I am vegetarian so had not considered it previously. We had the noodles and cheese pie and the veggie special with chickpea salad, black bean hummus, and salad.

    It was totally delicious. Really, really well done. The noodles and cheese pie was awesome. Well done Chix!! We’ll be back.

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