Can You Name All the Folks in this Awesome Photo?

Emma Mae Gallery 5 558, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Back in January I did a small post on Emma Mae’s Gallery by the Reeves Center on 14th Street because there was an awesome Thelonious Monk painting. So just recently I received an email from the owner, Rev. Sandra Butler-Truesdale. I stopped by this weekend to say hello in person and of course the gallery is as cool as ever, especially if you like jazz. Anyway, she mentioned that she had this photo and would love to identify all the personalities. Some are easy like Sonny and Cher and Sammy Davis Junior. But not all the folks are easily identifiable. I told the Rev. Truesdale that I’d be happy to post and see if the PoP and flickr communities could help. So if you know the others in the photo please leave their name in the comments but try and be as specific as possible ie second woman on the left.

Also starting tomorrow May 21st- Saturday, May 24 (12pm-8pm) the Gallery will be featuring ‘Anthony Phillips of Woodcrafts by O’Banion’.

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  • Well, the woman on the far left is Diana Ross. But that’s not hard. If you Google “Sonny Cher Sammy Davis Jr. Diana Ross,” you get a page that purports to list all of Sammy Davis’ TV appearances from 1933 to 1988.

    The page suggests, though I’m not sure, that the guys in the back might be the Lovin’ Spoonful, and that this photo was taken during an episode of a NBC variety show called Hullaboo that aired in 1965, where Sammy was the guest host. Again, I can’t be sure of that, but Diana Ross and Sonny and Cher were guests on that episode. The woman between Diana and SDJr. could be Mary Wilson or that other Supreme who came after Florence Ballard.

  • Yes, that’s the Lovin’ Spoonful in the back row. John Sebastian 3rd from left.

  • I think one of those guys in the back is Clay Aiken.

  • That is Hullabaloo.
    That’s the Lovin Spoonful, 2/3 of the Supremes, Sonny and Cher and Sammy.

    Here is another photo of the Lovin Spoonful on Hullabaloo:

    Note the same shirts.

  • They are singing the Beatles song “Help” in this photo

  • Left to right – Diana Ross, Joe Butler – drummer for Lovin’ Spoonful, Florence Ballard – The Supremes (soon to be replaced by Cindy Birdsong), Zal Yanovsky- guitarist, vocals Lovin’ Spoonful (before the Spoonful was in The Mugwumps with Mama Cass), Sammy Davis, Jr., John Sebastian – vocals, guitar, autoharp Lovin’ Spoonful, Cher, (behind Cher) – Steve Boone – bassist Lovin’ Spoonful, and then last but not least that hippy poseur Sonny Bono.

    The Lovin’ Spoonful are so under appreciated nowadays. They are credited by some for turning on the nascent all folky Grateful Dead to the joys of “going electric”, when this was a radical idea. They were one of, if not the first, American bands to take back the Top Ten from The Beatles. But they were also shunned by the counterculture after Zal was arrested for marijuana possession in 1967 and since he was Canadian, threatened with permanent deportation if he didn’t name his supplier. He did and was chastised by the burgeoning rock n’ roll counter cultural. Great songs nevertheless.

  • one other thing – I think that Mary Wilson is behind Florence Ballard (all you can see is her hair) and in between Joe Butler and Zal Yanovsky.

  • actually, maybe that is Mary Wilson right here to the right of Diana Ross holding her hand….oh well, nice photo though.

  • I like the Lovin’ Spoonful.

    I think that is Mary Wilson. It definitely doesn’t look like Florence Ballard. Poor Florence. She was so young when she died. She is the inspiration for the character Effie in Dreamgirls.

  • Tim, the only other band on that episode was the Brill-related Strangeloves. I don’t see their vests in the photo at all.

  • Keep it going. I think that you are right about that being the luvin spoonful in the back. I checked out the website that DCer sent and that is correct. However now we just need to identify the girl holding Diana’s hand it is not Mary Wilson or Florence Ballard. I am looking for a photo of Cindy Birdsong to see if it may be her. I love this you all have really done me a favor. I am definitely pleased with the immediate response.



  • Well, Cindy Birdsong joined The Supremes in mid 1967, round July. At which point they became known as Diana Ross and The Supremes (gotta soothe that diva ego don’t cha know). Apparently Birdsong and Ballard looked quite a bit alike but I am not too sure (I have to admit that The Supremes are one of my least favorite acts from 1960’s Motown).

    DCer, Interesting thing about The Strangeloves – the three guys that made them up (and I do mean “made them up”, Bob Feldman, Jerry Goldstein and Richard Gottehrer aka Giles, Miles and Niles Strange, were all from the five Boroughs of NYC and had worked in various guises in the NYC music bizness scene but created this back story that they were Australian Sheep farmers. Few believed them but they still had some hits – I Want Candy, Night Time, Cara-Lyn. Back in the early ’90’s I was fortunate to record two albums with Richard Gottehrer producing and he had a few great stories about that time. He told me about how they would speak in these ridiculous fake nonsense accents and folks at all the state fairs they played (Kansas, Tennessee, Salt Lake, etc.) had no idea what an Australian sounded like (hell, I imagine most folks had no idea where it was…probably still don’t) but that they would act like it was all jungle and tropical, etc. How this fit in with sheep farming…go figure. Richard still makes fat royalty from I Want Candy – especially the Bow Wow Wow version. Nice.

  • I loved Hullabaloo and the similar show on ABC called Shindig from about the same time. Shindig was cool because they had go-go dancers. Ahh! Memories…

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