Can You Help The Youth of Columbia Heights Village?

I received the following text from a flyer on 14th and Columbia Road the other day. “The youth of Columbia Heights Village are trying to get a go-go band started but we’re having a hard time finding equipment…What’s the worst you can get from helping youth reach for their goal? Can you help? If you have any donations please call Jamya at (202) 234-1876. Thank you.”

I sincerely hope they are able to form their go-go band. I wish them the best of luck in their pursuit of this awesome goal.

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  • What type of equipment does a go-go band need?

  • Don’t know? Wikipedia it!

  • I will get my car washed at their fundraising car wash! I am happy to buy something they’re selling to raise money.

    But it looks at first like they’re begging and I refuse to allow an idiot train children to beg like Fagan in Dickens. That’s sick.

  • By that logic, any neighborhood group soliciting donations is begging.

  • DCer, you a privileged a’hole.

  • Sorry, I meant to say “DCer, you ARE a privileged a’hole.”

  • idiot train children?? explain

  • actually i love this idea. go-go is dc music and kids should be playing more music anyhow! i have an extra guitar and amp and i will give them a call.

  • By that logic, any neighborhood group soliciting donations is begging.

    that is correct. I do not donate money to people who are able-bodied to earn money. duh! Who does that?

    For instance, there are events at MtP restaurants where the restaurants donate part of the proceeds to a cause. The restaurant gets business, the charity gets money, everyone’s happy.

    Then there are Girl Scout cookies. oh those cookies.

    Someone explain to me why the kids at Columbia Heights Village can’t run a car wash for $5-10 per car and raise all the money they need.

    Anyone? Anyone defend this begging?

    Privileged? Yes, privileged to learn a set of morals that I live by.

  • DCer,

    So basically you are objecting to not personally receiving a service in exchange for your donation? How about you donate some money or equipment and then you take yourself to the go go to listen to their music?

    Or maybe they could play on some milk crates and buckets on the corner for you, would you donate money then? What about they do a tap dance and shine your shoes…then would you donate some money or equipment?

  • Cristobal, looks like DCer is trying to win a permanent spot as Asshole of the Week…

  • dcer, will you be charging interest when your kids start paying you back for their diapers, formula, childhood toys/clothes, bicycles, etc, or will you let it all go at cost? i hope you told them early that you dont give handouts so that they would only consume what they knew they could pay you back for once they turned 16 and hit the work force..

    i dont just give out the green either, but i think that these kids, asking for donations of go go equipment or fund to pay for it, with the intention of starting a band is a lot different than begging on a corner for loose change.

  • unless, as we were recently informed by someone on here, if they are wearing baggy white tshirts…then they wouldn’t really be begging and moreso working right?

  • I remember a few years ago when the kids from CHV “borrowed” a garage from one of the neighbors: They were allowed to use it for a while: Basically they were supposed to be out by 6ish when he got home with the car: You guessed it – rarely out & ended up keying the car. He stopped letting them in after that: They started breaking in.

    He let them use the hose for a car wash once as well: They left the water running the whole time, and kept “borrowing” the hose. Same way they kept “borrowing” my wife’s bikes (which never came back).

    Some new set of kids want’s to start a gogo band. Let em start with a bunch of 5 gallon pvc buckets and a song, just like EU and everybody else. They can start on the shiny stuff when they get good.

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