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Lots of people I’ve spoken to have been pretty passionate about Creme located on U Street between 13th and 14th. And it certainly always seems to be jam packed. Actually it usually so crowded that I haven’t had a chance to eat there yet. So what’s the scoop is it great homestyle cooking? How’s the brunch?

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  • the sauteed mushroom appetizer at dinner is to die for
    rest of the meal pretty darn good
    haven’t tried brunch

  • The brunch is amazing. Especially the Shrimp ‘n Grits.

  • Really like Creme. Only complaint is that the menu hasn’t changed since opening 3 years ago. I’ve tried everything a few times, and now I don’t go back ’cause I want something new.

  • It’s so good, I haven’t been to brunch because it’s too popular. Go on a random week day, either later (after 9) or earlier (before 6) to get a table. And the shrimp and grits are to die for. If the cocunut cake is on the menu, get it. They also have a wonderful version of my favorite drink – Dark n’ Stormy, which always keeps me coming back.

  • The chicken and waffles dish is delicious. The wait is annoying but the service is consistently fast and responsive once you sit down.

  • you’re gonna eat well there, dollar to donuts,. Bottomless bloody mary’s are delicious and homemade (not that v-8 bottled crap)
    Nothing else to add, other than I’ve had a fierce hankering to use that dollar/donut idiom lately. PHEW! glad that’s over with.

  • I second the vote for the chicken and waffles, which are pretty darn good. They also have a bottomless mimosa … although it can feel a little less bottomless when you’re sitting back for a boozy brunch and see the 50 people glaring at you to give up your table.

  • I was skeptical about this place, given the hype surrounding it. But I went on a weeknight before the dinner rush and really enjoyed it. I agree that the shrimp and grits are awesome. Overall, the food is reasonably priced, given the quality of the food and compared to meals I’ve paid a lot more for in other DC restaurants.

  • Shorter menu = focus = good. Pork and beans are delicious and you can eat the lefotvers all week.

  • love it. Creme is my fave brunch spot. Ditto on the shrimp & grits. Bottomless mimosas = YAY. owner is nice and waiters are too.

  • Not to be all Bubba Gump about it but here is one more vote for the Shrimp and Grits.

  • Amazing. The meat and potatoes americana is out of this world. and i confess a strong love of oprah’s tomato salad.

  • Ive been there once for brunch, and the food was good, not great, but good. However, the service was HORRRRRRIBLE. It was so bad, when we complained to the manager about the wrong food being brought for the 3rd time, he had the audacity to tell me that “we ordered it wrong.” I begged him to explain how I order something incorrectly. He couldnt and eventually realized that I was about to walk without paying so he knocked 10% of the bill to placate me. I can understand human error, and forgive it easily…but when servers and management are completely unappologetic and blame ME for THEIR errors…nope, sorry, dude does not abide.

    But the food was good. If someone REALLY wanted to go there I could be convinced to go back, but it wont be of my own volition. Would much rather go to somewhere like Domku anyway.

  • Another vote for Creme. I think the dinner menu is fantastic, I’ve had 3 or 4 of the entrees and all have been top notch.

    I’ve heard the brunch is really good but EXPENSIVE. Dinner on the other hand I think is pretty reasonably priced for the quality and quantity (which is not insubstantial). Drinks are pricey.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    Like most spots in DC, I recommend going during a weekday evening. It’s far more mellow and very easy to walk-in and grab a table on the spot. That’s exactly what I did the first time I tried Creme… I enjoyed the food – had a sort of new Southern Coastal seafood dish with grits. Both were very good, and as someone with Southern origins, I love grits and have a discriminating appreciation for good grits. Let me tell you those grits were dayum goooood! Looking glass lounge should consider offering grits.

    I also had a great experience with the service there too. I would consider the clientele to be urban contemporary – my kinda peeps! represent!

  • I went there once with friends about a year ago. Granted, we look pretty scruffy like punk kids, and we showed up in the middle of a jazz show, but they didn’t even want to seat us, even less serve us. It seemed overpriced and snobby if you ask me.

  • I have had very good experiences there ordering shrimp and grits (brunch) and pork and beans (dinner). Neither of us ordered the pancakes at brunch, but the ones served to other tables looked awesome. My partner, who will not eat meat out, has had vegetarian dishes the two times we had dinner there that he enjoyed. We found the service capable and the noise level not to be overwhelming.

  • The food is awesome and I’ve never had a complaint about the service — as nice as can be. Go early for brunch and you’ll be fine.

    At my most recent meal there, we found out the original chef has left — this, a few months after we saw him moonlighting down the street at Station 9 (not nearly as much fun a place). The menu and food hadn’t changed, except “Mama Laura’s Chicken” was no longer called Mama Laura’s. I guess they could keep the chef’s chicken but not his mama! Anyone know if there have been other ownership or management changes — or if the original chef is going to open a new place?

  • Yuch!!
    fake hollandaise, ( a pet peeve), eggs from a carton ( the waiter said so, when we asked how many eggs were in the gigantic omlelet, the response was ” dunno, they are laddled from a carton”
    …ginormous portions does not equal great food.

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