Cafe Collage Open!

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Back in early March I wrote that Cafe Collage was set to reopen. And open it has. You can’t miss it, it is located on T Street just east of Saint Ex. Apparently Sat. May 10th was World Fair Trade Day and Cafe Collage was celebrating the event in style. They had a special traditional coffee roasting (see photo above – I’m not sure what the popcorn was about but hey who doesn’t like popcorn?) as well as a traditional Ethiopian musician. The musician was fantastic. Apparently the musician, Shambed Belayneh, is a renowned player of an instrument called the Maskino. It is a one stringed instrument that Mr. Belayneh used to play very melancholy tunes. While he wasn’t singing in English I was told he sang about coffee and traditional folk lore. It was awesome. Additionally, the cafe itself was super cool. It had two floors and was very tastefully decorated. I’m not quite sure why some folks are upset with this cafe. I’d think one would feel pretty lucky to have an Ethiopian owned coffee shop nearby. Did anyone catch the musician? Or check out the cafe? How does it compare to its earlier incarnation? Check out some photos of the interior as well as Mr. Belayneh after the jump.





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  • If I could Collage and 14U up and running at the same time, that would be nice. Thanks for the heads up.

  • I really don’t get why people are so excited about this place. I have gone there on multiple occasions and it just looks sad. The food case has always been near empty and it just does not look like a professional establishment. It seems more like a coffee bar in the basement of an American Legion post than an urban coffee joint-but that’s just me.

  • For those who are worried about “creep,” 1346 is zoned as commercial. The rest of T Street east of 1346 is not!

    The art that is in Cafe Collage is done by a very respected artist in the DC area whose art work was often in Cafe Collage during its previous life.

    If you spent less time with superficial “stuff” and dealt with the people who are just as pleasant now as they were two years ago, you would find the place a very pleasant cafe to visit. 14U was no where near as attractive but it was also a great place to go because the people who worked there and the people who owned the place as well as the people who went there were generally just nice people.

    There are few places in DC as tasteful as Cafe Collage for a number of reasons…the people, the art, and for studying, reading or writing.

  • If you go there at the right time, they have some homemade pastries which are great!

  • I just happened to fall upon this blog and had to put in my two cents since I have thoroughly enjoyed some of the food served at 14U including lamb shanks, delicious chicken served in several different ways with rice, chicken wings served with hot sauce and many different Middle Eastern salads by an obviously skillful chef.

  • to all of you above

    this is a reminder that cafe collage changed hands on March 16 2009. If you read the reviews on yelp and dcist you will find out that the new owners are taking their businss very seriously.

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