Cafe 14U Closes (Temporarily?)

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Thanks to a reader for sending me this tip. Sure enough I walked past the great coffee shop on 14th Street and saw this note attached to the door. “An attempt to establish new management”? I’ve never heard that one before. Someone decode this for me, please. It is a shame because 14U Cafe is (was) one of the best coffee shops in the city. I’m super curious to know what may have happened…stealing? Insubordination? Any ideas?

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  • I tried to go there this weekend and waited for about 10 minutes while the one barista made a drink for the person at the counter. There were four more people in line in front of me whose drinks he hadn’t even started on and I didn’t have 40 minutes to wait around, so I just left. New management sounds like what’s needed.

    It is a shame though, it had been the best place around to get Intelligentsia coffee.

  • PoP, I must question why everyone loves this coffee sho so much. Yes, the atmosphere is good, but the service is worse than Tryst (this place does not even have waiter service!) so that is saying something. Plus the food is not very good.

  • 14U has been in shambles for quite awhile… from microwaved eggs and bacon for $8 (?!) to baristas completely untrained in pulling shots… the list goes on. I’m actually surprised this didn’t happen sooner!

  • In an area with at least four other coffee shops to chose from, this place had no clue that customer service is necessary for business survival. The last time I went there, the man at the counter refused to give me a cup of water with my coffee. He told me that they had run out of cheaper cups for water and when I asked if he could give me water in a paper coffee cup, he said no, those cups were too expensive for water. Though I love Intelligentsia (I’m from Chicago and desperately miss it), I swore I would never go back.

  • I had the best double espresso ever at 14U when it first opened. barista asked if i wanted a strong one, I said yes, he said ‘this will be like a line of coke…up both nostrils.’ and it was. never saw that barista in there again (older african sounding guy) and the shot has never been as good.

  • I went there once and found the barista surly (not hip surly, just plain rude surly) and the drink “okay” at best. I never went back.

  • This is sad, but I must say I’ve only been there a few times. I like Mocha Hut better. Though the first time I ever went there and was looking to move into the neighborhood, I had a lovely conversation with what I think was the manager (or perhaps owner?) about the area and how great it is to live here, with the great diversity and how I was so sick of living in white, boring Foggy Bottom. So it has a close place to my heart, as his advice rang true.

  • i had probably the worst latte i’ve ever had in my life there…plus a really gross muffin that im pretty sure had mold on it.

    i miss sparkys 🙁

  • i went to 14U twice to give it a chance back when they opened and then a few months later. one time it took forever just to get a coffee and the muffin i bought was actually stale and they said i could another one, i got a croissant instead and THAT was stale. the second time my partner and i just walked out because people had said they were still waiting for their drinks after 20 minutes. and they had run out of cups? unfortunately that place is/was a mess. i miss sparkys.

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