Cabs Now Getting Meter Certified


I’m guessing the certification sticker is for the authorities and not for the customer’s benefit? I suppose I’d prefer a metered cab but if it’s 2:30 in the morning I’m not passing a cab up just because it’s not meter certified.

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  • Doesn’t it become a moot point at the end of next month when they all have to be metered anyway…? Thats a lot of stickers to clear things up for 1month, isn’t it?

  • They are all supposed to be certified on June 1, not the end of next month and there were several media reports this week that a bunch of cabs won’t have the meters installed in time because the distributor of the meters can’t get them to folks any faster.

    As a fan of the zone system, it’s been hit or miss in the cabs I’ve been in whether it’s been cheaper or more expensive with the meters. But I guess it’s all moot now isn’t it?

  • I had thought the cab union (or whomever it was) was appealing the court decision that came out right before May 1st? Seems that I recall reading that some were hoping that the decision would be reversed before June 1, and they wouldn’t have to install them after all.

    I just search and there haven’t been any taxi-related stories since 5/2/08.


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