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  • When you’re a Jet you’re a Jet all the way, from your first cigarette til your last dyin’ day..

  • Yet another reason why I’ll not go to Adams Morgan.

  • The Euclid St drug gang is well-known as a serious drug gang. They have been written about many times. Generally the west coast gangs have not infiltrated DC.

  • I have been in DC for over 5 years and have never seen Adam’s Morgan as intensely neurotic as it was last Friday. We got out of the cab to go to the Diner around 1AM, and are used to streets being full of people and the typical level of drunk people running amok

  • You saw them Anon #3.
    Fortunately the larger group was “quiet”. Fortunately there were plenty of officers on the street all night to keep things mostly calm, but crowd was definitely primed for something not good.

  • It is true that the West Coast gangs are not as prevalent, but make no mistake, they are present on the East Coast. Isn’t societal decay a wonderful thing?

  • I don’t care how good of a “source” you’ve got, until you’ve confirmed it with police or an official of some sort it IS a rumor. The police have always been very candid with you POP. If you could please take the hour or two to send an email and get a response from some of the local brass it would do your readers a great service. Your readership has grown to the point, and you’re blog’s influence as a result, that it’s time to step up the verification threshold. Not trying to bash you, just think it might be a good idea.

  • I wonder who these scowling individuals were in Adams Morgan? I have an idea of who they were. Isn’t it a shame how most of the people that contribute to ruining the experience of AM don’t even live near AM?

  • I’m not so crazy about the random speculation posts. And the posts with the hey are you afraid of crime theme. Inevitably you end up with Anonymous comments that are just fearmongering or racist and I’m not really sure what the point is.

  • I think MS-13 is a lot bigger than the Bloods.

  • I heard from a friend of my podiatrist’s landlord’s plumber’s dog walker that a rogue dangerous commando of people woho don’t look like they belong has invaded 18th street. I haven’t verified this with anyone, but I just wanted to share and warn everyone.

  • Man, you guys need to leave PoP alone. He had his source that he trusted and he wanted to see if the community heard anything about it. There’s nothing wrong with that at all.

    And yeah, so he brings up crime. He’s just trying to see what his readers think about it. It’s not his fault that there are a few schmucks who start screaming about race. At least people are talking about it.

    Final word…you don’t like his blog, don’t read it.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Just for the record, my source comes from inside MPD. However, based on the comments, I am trying to get an official to comment on the record. Your concerns are noted.

  • I had thought that Bloods & Crips were a 1990s southern California thing….but from what I understand, they’ve now infested the shitty parts of New Jersey, including Newark — which previously was like DC in that there were no real “gangs” with colors and all that, but only small, local “crews”.

  • No, I’ve never seen anything like that in Adams Morgan. Though, there are always sketchy characters hanging outside the bars/the park on California and 18th that seem to be just looking for some defenseless drunk person to prey on. One of the reasons I’m not a huge fan of going out there on weekends.

  • The Bloods have been a part of East Coast cities for a while now, they are prevalent in Baltimore and anyone who thinks they are not in DC is just naive.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Official Update from MPD

    I just spoke to Lieutenant Michael Pavlik of the Intelligence and he advised me that they have not identified any Blood gang members that operate within the Third District. On Friday, his unit did make contact with a couple of individuals who were visiting the Adams Morgan area and may be affiliated with the Bloods. They have not confirmed this but are continuing their investigation. The individuals were not from the Third District and there is no reason to believe they were doing anything other than visiting clubs in the Adams Morgan area. That said, Lt. Pavlik will keep me apprised so that appropriate action can be taken if necessary. I will update you with any additional information I receive.

    George Kucik


    Third District

  • I have no idea if we have a set of Bloods in DC, but I *do* know that the boys holding down the corners on 14th/Columbia, 13th/Harvard etc are always showing some kind of red…

    Maybe it’s just a popular color in the summer…jeans, white T, and some kind of red makes for a good look out there, and I roll the same way sometimes. However, I have trouble explaining why I often see groups of 2-5 young guys dressed in a similar manner chilling on the same blocks where shots are fired, dealers busted, robberies and assaults perpetrated without thinking that there is some kind of gang angle.

    I have no idea what colors the Euclid st crew would show, so maybe its all just a coincidence brought on by my seeing too many red Nationals hats this year…

    Anyone have any insight on this? Recognizing local gang colors/territories would be useful info to have…

  • See, they were just here visiting….gangsta’s gotta take a vacation too you know….

    Seriously, while I realize PoP is a blog and not the Washington Post, people do still get a lot of their information from blogs and that’s why I think you need to be careful about how you post things if you want to remain a reputable blog.

    For instance, this post about potential Bloods in Adams Morgan could have been handled less-New York Post-like and more Washington Post-like. For example the headline with the multiple question marks and exclamation points is just looking to stir up trouble. A more balanced headline could have read: Potential gang activity in Adams Morgan…

    Oh and note to self, I guess I shouldn’t wear that blue bandana I was planning to wear out this Friday night for fear that I could get the anonymous blogosphere all riled up.

  • In DC the people do not mark territory with graffiti and they don’t wear colors that represent a gang.

    However, in general, the colors people wear display what they’re doing. If you wear black pants and a plain white shirt on the corner then you are selling cocaine. plain white t-shirt equals cocaine.

    The Latin gangs use heavy graffiti, but it has nothing to do with territory like it would in LA.

    The real question is that are these people who may claim to be Bloods actual Bloods or merely “fans.” In general these gangs do NOT have a foothold on the east coast and I’m not being naive. Having one or two distributors working with local crews does not mean there is a real presence here no more than having one black friend at work means… you see where I’m headed.

    In my grandmother’s neighborhood the local meth dealer said he was a member of the Gangster Disciples, and got the kids to be part of the Gangster Disciples, but they had no connection to the real midwestern gang and were just rural white speed dealers.

  • So….how would people feel about a national name-brand coming in to run the local drug trade instead of the small-time cowboys we have doing it now?

  • I would be all for a big Chain coming to run the drug trade, but only it it were unionized. I will not cross a picket line to buy drugs. We need to make sure the dealers have proper benifits, insurance and are paid a living wage!

  • MS-13 is much more of a threat in dc.

  • I think Brightwood Girl is right…

  • Maybe the annual Bloods Convention was held in DC this year…someone check the Hilton or Convention Center schedule.

  • Anon 2:31 – Actually the Bloods were on their annual late spring lobbying convention. I hear they like to come after the Cherry Blossom lobbying rush to avoid the crowds – plus that is when the Crips usually lobby for Gang Reform legislations.

  • I know someone who teaches ESL in Prince George’s County; she says that in her high school, there are around half a dozen Hispanic gangs, including MS 13. Many of the members and hangers on they get are young people with parents working 2 jobs, little time to dote on their teenagers, who often fall behind in school. Gangs become their social network.

    But as for the humor above, ya gotta laugh or it’s too depressing.

  • Hate to break it to everyone, but there are active (huge) gangs all over this city. Unfortunately, DC has taken a really lax approach to dealing with gangs (and all crime for that matter). The result is that things have reached an out-of-control level. Even the MPD aren’t aware of what is going on and how all the violence is connected. I’ve grown up here and know what’s taking place. What we need is a police officer on every corner. That is the only way this crime (including gang activity) will cease once and for all.

  • I’m no fan of any gangs, but ( and I am sorry) I would never emigrate to someone’s country and disrespect it by creating mayhem.

  • I was walking through Adams Morgan a few months ago late at night (2AM) for the first time in five years or so and was shocked at how many menacing people were on the street. It felt like a riot was going to start any minute. Some dude very provocatively ran into me like he wanted me to react or something. When I had gone out there in the early 2000s the scene was more “stupid drunk” than “knife fight.” Won’t go back.

  • I understand posting to kick off a discussion, but why post something so incendiary. Kate Moss sightings, OK. But this is different. I applaud the intent to inform readers. But the sensational nature of blogs (instant posts, not-so-serious comments from readers) allow an important, but generic topic like ‘gang violence’ to be trivialized. None of the readers could confirm or deny that there were ‘bloods’ in AM, for obvious reasons. So what are we left to do except post vague generalizations and more speculation. I agree with GeorgiaAve’s comments.

    Its sometimes difficult to tell whether an issue is being treated seriously or being left open to mocking. Maybe next time confirm with the police or link to an actual news report, then post the speculation and resolution.

  • Georgia and Tim, if you don’t like, don’t read it. Damn you guys sound like Tipper Gore. I’m sick of the POP critics, stop coming to the site if you don’t like the way he does it. I’m also sick of all PC crime apologists, wait tell some jams a piece in your face. FYI; I’m a Latino who grew up in shitty, gang infested hood. Plenty of my fellow immigrants, yes English is my second language, work their asses off only to be robbed by these thugs. After a decade in town, I’m getting really tired off all the apologists for DC thuggery.

  • I guess no one got the Deep Throat reference, but I’m the one who informed the PoP about this. And as the email from the 3D commander confirmed, the intel unit did investigate that night after the group I observed already dispersed. But I saw the colors and the flashing of gang signs.

    I told the PoP about it, and he decided to put it out there because as one of the other earlier posts indicated, gangs are an issue in this city/area, and the police have been slow to react. And unfortunately it has been a reaction and not a proactive approach as could be. I don’t blame the police, because it’s hard to get ahead of a problem like this that is multifaceted and beyond just a law enforcement issue.

    Did MS-13 fall out of the sky? No they grew over time until they became a very visible problem. So just if you don’t think there is another gang or gangs out there because you haven’t seen them personally, or because you think DC in general doesn’t have “gangs”, then you are sadly mistaken.

    Are they organized crime? Hardly. But just because they’re not the biggest baddest kids on the block right now, doesn’t mean they can’t become that way.

    I don’t think PoP was trying to be sensational, only trying to bring to light a topic that you’re not going to see in any major paper any time soon.

  • Yeah, Adams Morgan, let’s treat this like the Washington Post! The quality publication that published the likes of ‘Charlotte Allen’ – great idea.

    On the other hand, Eric, I’ve lived in AM for four years now. Yeah, there are always sketchy-looking characters, and as a woman, I take precautions, but it’s no different in most parts of a major city. Frankly, it’s the homeless scaries who worry me more than thugs. Thugs seem willing to leave folks alone who won’t make eye contact and just walk by – by contrast, I’ve been hit in the head by what was clearly a homeless crazy guy with a plastic bag full of God knows what.

  • dcer – wearing a plain white shirt and black jeans and hanging out on the corner does not mean you are dealing cocaine. that is an ignorant statement. kids (i use that term only in relative to my age) who hang out together, tend to dress the same…if a bunch of goth kids are hanging out they are all probably wearing black…if a bunch if hip-hop kids are hanging out, then they are probably going to be dressed in whatever happens to be fashionable in the hip-hop world, which now ranges from baggy pants and white shirts to a 80’s throwback hipsterish look.

    there are no bloods in dc. this is probably the most daft post ever on POP. this is akin to those stupid emails going around telling you to stay inside because its a “gang initiation night” or to be careful because you might wake up in a bathtub full of ice with a kidney missing.

    yes, there are is an ms-13 presence in and around dc and some other small latino crews, but those other latino crews don’t deal drugs or do much of anything except get into fights with each other.

  • Well, there was a stabbing in Adams Morgan this weekend – this was just released by CM Graham’s office:

    Doesn’t look gang related, but still…

  • after reading all these comments, im left with a big ‘WTF?!?!’ look on my face… this isnt just some fluff blog, this is a community action blog.. so someone saw a group of guys, who may or may not have been bloods, menacing adams morgan, and PoP didnt take the time to go and document their names and gang affiliations. boo fucking hoo! so what if this story may have been a little over exagerated?! there was still a group of thugs out to cause trouble…who cares what they call themselves? i like what someone said about thug-apologists. some of you people are SO quick to jump on the bandwagon to protect the rights of ‘innocent’ thugs, and cry about how we shouldnt stereotype when we see a group of guys on a street corner at 2 am with a cloud of smoke hanging over them.. well maybe we shouldnt, but i doubt that a blog post warning us to be on the look out is what makes dc residents paranoid…its the stories from our sisters who have been raped, or our roomates who have been mugged, or our friends who have lost their cousins to gang initation drive bys…anyone who reads this blog should know that PoP wouldnt just pull this out of his ass, so wake up…a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet..

  • I guess I am a thug apologist because I’m an attorney and actually represent a “gang” member arrested for allegedly murdering and shooting a bunch of people a couple years ago. there are no bloods in dc. and to the poster above, it’s stupid baseless ignorant posts like these that make people paranoid.

  • anon 9:34… congrats.. i hope your client is innocent, and i hope you get him off. i also hope he learns something from the ordeal and doesnt do anything to find himself under scrutiny again. im not going to pretend that there isnt some racial bias when youre discussing thug stereotypes and gang actions, but im also not going to apologize for being wary of the guys that fit the stereotype. if you can sleep easily at night by telling yourself that this isnt as big of a problem as we think, then great. but i think PoP would have done a disservice to have sat on something as potentially big as a group of bloods in our city… and like i said, bloods or not, a group of thugs is still something to look out for. im glad the discussion is raging on, because i for one didnt realize how dangerous adams morgan had gotten, but im thankful that my neighbors have kept an eye out and gotten me informed.

  • Amen Cristobal and every one else out there who is backing up PoP! For the love of god, this is a blog, and if people get their real time news from it, they are idiots. This blog is not an acredited news source-its a BLOG-it would be like taking Wikipedia word for word-also not a real Fact Source. People who take it this blog as 100% factual truth probably also think infomercial crap is the best thing since sliced bread. If someone reads this blog and thinks, hmm…Adam’s Morgan had some thugs who might be related to the Bloods in it, maybe I will think twice about getting so trashed out of my mind tonight that I can’t stand up straight for a couple weekends-does that hurt anyone? No, probably keeps them from getting mugged by just some non gang related asshole who preys off the lost and drunk, like that guy we read about a couple days ago.

    This is a community blog to bring people together to share ideas. Sometimes yes, negative ideas come out, but not everyone comes from the same backgrounds or agrees 100% about everything all the time. I think if there wasn’t something to stir the pot to test and strengthen your beliefs every now and then we might as well hang up our man/women pants and graze like the other sheep in the world.

    So to all you who don’t like how PoP runs this blog, I’m not going to tell you to stop reading it and be complacent, but I think you could be a little more polite to him when you disagree with how he handles something. He is just one man running this and like he said, it isn’t his day job.

  • dcer – wearing a plain white shirt and black jeans and hanging out on the corner does not mean you are dealing cocaine. that is an ignorant statement.

    You are incredibly naive or simply like to spout about something you know nothing about. The white shirt absolutely means that you’re selling cocaine. There is no argument about this. Kids not involved in drugs do NOT hang out on the corner- they ride bikes, play basketball, go to practice, study, etc. Your confusion allows these groups to sell drugs without prosecution. Your confusion is not the truth. Kids that hang out on the corner are involved in drugs. I know exactly what I’m talking about beyond any shadow of a doubt. I am not willing to explain in detail how I know, but I don’t do drugs and I work with the police on these issues.

  • Please take photographs or surveillance video of the drug dealers you can see from your house.

  • On June 1 at about 2am, my 22 year old son from SW DC left Brass Monkey and walked away from the crowds trying to get a cab in front of the club. His intention was to walk “upstream” to get a cab. He was awakened by police and paramedics asking him if he wanted medical treatment for his eye. Someone had attacked him and stolen his cell phone and wallet, leaving him out cold on the sidewalk. He didn’t see his assailant(s). He refused treatment and finally caught a cab home. The cabbie held his watch in hock while he retrieved cash from his apartment. Two days later he was admitted to the hospital and now he has 2 plates in his face, nerve damage and double vision. Since then I have been reading about attacks in the Adams Morgan area. Residents seem to be defending the area and saying things like, “the drunks need to realize there are places you should be and places you should not be at 2am”, intimating that if you get your face crushed in it’s your own fault. I don’t know if Adams Morgan is a good place or not. But I’ve read enough to conclude that I don’t want any of my 3 children anywhere near the place. You residents and frequent visitors can bury your heads in the sand and tack on the days, months and years that you’ve been in the area without being assaulted or worse or you can be an activist and try to fix it. Good luck in either case.

  • I lived on Euclid and 17th Street in Adams Morgan. Tons of crime, drug dealing and the like. Never violent though, like it is nowadays.

  • sorry to bust you guys bubbles,but there ARE Bloodz and Ckrips n DC..more so UPT Bloods and SouthSide Ckrips,I’m Blood affiliated. I was a member of Bounty Hunter Eastside Bloods which Originated in the Watts projects of NJ..So far I kno of like 5 Blood sets in DC GKB [Gangsta Killa Bloods], BHB [bounty hunter bloods], PIRU,DAMU, and 662 MOB…It real,most bloods such as myself don’t even bang our flag anymore,and that’s for personal reasons such as negative attention etc..but not all gang bangers are the same..some thrive on crime..and to others its a brotherhood.. personally I dnt think its gonna get ot of hand like n Ckali and NY..kuz most people DC aren’t really into that kinda stuff..so people,dnt b afraid to leave your house and go to places your found of,enjoy life..what are the odds of u getting robbed and or killed by a blood? or a ckrip? lol..slim..thougt my ckuzzo only robbed white ppl because “He just didn’t like THEM”?? I felt that was very ignorant and racist of him..but he changed his reckless evil ways..any ?’s or comments..just reply to the post,I will get an alert

  • yeah i feel u dudes dont beleive we out meaning (B’s) but its real and i tried to tell someone on another site just cause u dont see dudes walking around here in all red and all that dont mean they not out here we just know the feds will be all on us if we did.

  • Im a nine-trey blood I liv5 in close 2 dupont CKirCKl5 and ye5 th5r5 ar5 bloods in your ckity bloods ar5 evrywh5r5 in Dc th5 polic5 is not t5llin u da truth th5r5 are blood s5ts in Dc now and this will continu5 2 spr5ad. 21st blood(red bandanas), 14st bloods(black bandanas), nine-trey bloods(red bandana), eastckoast pirus(burgundy bandanas),vampire bloods(red bandanas) nd also th5r5 the latin kings that ar5 also wif Blood5 and th5y w5ar yellow(gold) and red. Reminder we don’t jus run up 2 hurt random people we only go for the enemy. Those who hurt random people are the ignorant lil new bloods. B’s up 5 lif5

  • yeah, i grew up on 17th & euclid. i also went to H.D cooke elementary,back when teachers hit us every day w/ 2 taped up yard sticks. i grew up w/ the gang known 2day as 1-7 Crew, settled on 17th & euclid. 2 nights ago “willow” was shot and killed in adams morgan. we met in the 1st grade in 1993. grew up and now this. RIP.
    i know why they kill.

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