Bill Crandall Photographs Park Place Condos Ceremony

Bill Crandall over from Petworth News has some great photos of the Park Place Topping Out Ceremony. Crandall say “Topping out” means the concrete superstructure of a building is finished.

Crandall also reports that Councilmember Graham has confirmed that a CVS will be going in across the street in the empty lot where they used to have the old Farmers Market. This confirms my Scandalous Gossip post back in April. Sweet, my rumor to truth ratio has increased to 94% accurate. Eh, I can’t pretend to be excited by a CVS, again certainly better than a vacant lot but at the end of the day it’s a CVS.

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  • Where exactly was the old farmers market? Near the Shell station on Georgia?

  • The triangle lot just south of the metro (NH & Georgia). It’s the paved lot with all the trash.

  • Oh, right! Thank you!

  • i rather have a paved lot than a damn CVS!! I’m tired of the same chain stores on EVERY block. WE HAVE A CVS DOWN THE STREET!!! (sorry i’m a little emotional this morning ) support local bussinesses!

  • That’s the best they can do on that site? A CVS? That’s a travesty of land management (I am emotional on this). I’m going to ask Graham for a gander at the site plan for that area. If anyone has it, please post. Is that Ward 1 or Ward 4? Thanks.

  • Well, at least its a 2 story building so it should house something other than just the CVS. And realistically speaking, I am not sure developers are eagerly lining up for that lot (its fairly small and odd shaped) so overall I am happy to hear its getting developed.

  • here’s hoping that the CVS does not look like every other CVS in everywhere, anywhere, U.S.of.A.

  • I’d prefer a Rite Aid. They have more “As Seen on TV” items.

  • I’m not excited, per se, but CVS is fine with me. Seeing as how I need something from it every other day, I’m glad I’ll eventually be able to walk less than two blocks to get what I need. “Down the street” is a mile and a half south on Georgia. Columbia Heights’ CVS is relatively close but still not as convenient for some of us.

    There’s still plenty of room on Georgia in the immediate area which can be filled with local businesses. People are kind of acting like this was the last vacancy in the area.

  • e-girl: not that it’s the last vacancy in the area, it’s just that CVS sucks, and I don’t want them for neighbors.

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