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There was a huge response when the district’s first Harris Teeter opened a couple of weeks ago. Yet I haven’t heard a peep about the second one. So the ever intrepid Frank went to check it out. By the by, if you like maps Frank has a blog called Cartographia devoted to them.

When Harris Teeter opened its first store in the District last month, the company pulled out all the stops. Mayor Fenty was on hand, as was Ward One Councilmember Jim Graham. There were balloons. There was ribbon cutting. There was even a guy dressed as a giant dragon. The grand opening of Harris Teeter

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  • What is the parking situation?

  • While HT has nice stores and this one and the other new ones in the city are very convenient don

  • I like HT regardless. They are clean and very customer oriented. Giant and Safeway are doing too little too late. Farmer’s markets are nice but they lack convenient parking in the city and don’t offer everything that I need, which isn’t much. Plus, I like making one nice and easy trip to the market to get what I need for the week. HT may be a union buster but I could care less. The stores and work places without unions operate more efficiently and care about their customers which Giant and Safeway do not. And there prices are more reasonable.

  • not there, but their…

  • I second Miss. K’s question about parking…do they have a lot/garage?

  • Mesdames M and K, they do indeed have a parking garage. It’s in the interior of the building that the supermarket shares with the condos. I don’t know which street is the access, though.

  • Do they validate parking?

  • This is a welcomed addition to the neighborhood..I live East of the River in Anacostia and this is where i will do the majority of my grocery shopping…saves me a trip to Pentagon City, yet i still have to go to Foggy Bottom from Trader Joes. I am a little surprised that Fenty did not show up being that this would have been a perfect opportunity for him to say he was in SE without coming East of the River, but that’s another post.
    Regardless, I am glad to see Harris Teeter in SE, they do have parking and there is some street parking available..I was able to park right in front of the store both times i have been since they opened.

  • The stores without unions treat their employees like dirt. HT also doubles the trouble by purchasing their food stock from sweatshops. While all the positives about HT are indeed positives, to me, none outweigh the importance of treating workers (who are often community members, or at least don’t live too far away) fairly and paying a fair wage. I’ve had zero customer service problems at Giant and Safeway and prefer to shop at those stores and at local markets and farmers’ markets. Others of course will make their own decisions based on their own reasons and values.

  • If you’re going to boycott Harris Teeter because of the shrimp thing, keep in mind that Costco, Cub Foods, Giant, Giant Eagle, IGA, Tops Markets, Trader Joe’s, and Wal-Mart were also mentioned in the report.
    I was at the new store Tuesday and I was very surprised that everyone working there was very helpful and friendly.

  • DCDireWolf:


  • I stopped needing someone to watch over me when my mom left us at age 16. Screw unions.

  • Unions schmunions. People in this neighborhood are sick of being treated like shit by the employees at the safeway nearby. The HT is very nice, the selection of fresh goods is better and the staff are friendlier than anything I’ve ever experienced at the unsafe safeway on 14th SE or most of the other safeways and giants in the city. As for the HT, there is a metro stop right across the street and for those that insist on driving, there is a rather large parking lot on the potomac ave side that is free for customers. No validation needed. And get this, unlike safeway and giant, the HT actually had every register open on a Saturday afternoon. Go figure. Honestly the only negative I could find with the store is some of the prices seemed a bit high. But overall HT is probably the model for what a modern grocery store should be. My general understanding is the safeway being built on 5th and K NW will be cut from the same cloth but the rest of their stores aren’t worthy of my hard earned dollar.

  • Please consider boycotting Harris Teeter. I am sorry HT came to the DC area. I have been shopping at HT for about five years and I was fooled enough to ask for more stores in our area. I now realize that was a big mistake. The “friendly” customer service is a sham to get people hooked. After they opened a few small truly friendly markets to get people hooked, they inundated us with so many stores they couldn’t possibly find enough friendly people in our community to work in them at the low wages they pay. It shows in the very unprofessional, poor service. If your store’s customer service is still friendly, just wait … it will change over time.

    HT also practices deception of customers through dishonest product marketing. Please investigate this yourself. I encourage you to ask questions about the products you buy in their “fresh” markets. Most products are not made there. Many come in frozen. HT will tell you that this is also industry standard but other grocery stores I use do not have “fresh foods market” signs advertising products that are made by a third party, shipped to HT, put in HT “fresh foods market” packaging and defrosted for sale at gourmet market prices with someone deceptively dressed like a chef standing in front of them giving out samples.

    I know good grocery options in DC are limited, but I still say boycotting HT is a wise decision for the long term. They are putting the very few decent grocery stores that are left in Virginia out of business with these deceptive tactics that creative unfair competition. And, they are only appearing to improve the DC grocery market. If we do not boycott HT, we will have no place left to shop and the fault will be ours for allowing their manipulative tactics in our communities. Please look past the brights lights, pretty store layouts and convenience items. I believe you will see nothing but average to substandard products, deceptively labeled as “fresh” when they are not, in pretty packaging. Please be careful and certain what you are paying extra for. Please be careful who you let take over your neighborhood.

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