An Odd But Pleasant Sight on 13th Street


Walking up 13th Street I spotted this parrot enjoying the Saturday sun. Not a sight I see everyday but pretty cool. And this parrot talked more than Steve Buscemi in Fargo.

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  • NOT COOL!!! I hate that stupid bird. I live next to that house and that stupid thing won’t stop squawking!!! It is so annoying, on a nice sunny day I have to close my windows because the woman that owns that stupid thing leaves it out all day. It’s amazing how loud it can get. I’ve lived in the big cities all my life and an not usually bother by noise, but this thing is pisses my off.

  • haha, looks like the old lady can’t stand the bird squawking either.

  • sounds like someone needs to hide a key in his food.

  • I was on the tow path at Great Falls last weekend, and a guy had his parrot riding around on a remote control car! At first I thought it was a fake bird, but then it started walking around. Strangest yet funniest damn thing!

  • Just an unsolicied FYI: this is a Yellow-heaed parrot native to South eastern (Chiapas) Mexico. Endangered species in the wild.

  • judging from In_the _Heights’ post I’d say that parrot is an endangered species on 13th Street, too.

    I owned a conure once. The volume such a little critter can achieve is impressive.

  • In_the_Heights, we must be neighbors, because I’m right next door to this bird too. I’ve gotten used to it, although I sometimes respond to it which is weird.

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