Am I The Only One Who Didn’t Know a Papa John’s Was Opening on Otis Place

Exiting the Petworth metro this afternoon I was handed a flier announcing Papa John’s grand opening at 1417 Otis Place. Until May 31st you can get a large 2 topping pizza for $10. 202-667-7272 Wild. But I guess the question is: If you can get delivery from Moroni and Bros. why would one ever get Papa John’s? I guess that garlic dipping sauce is pretty damn delicious.

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  • I dimly remember hearing about this, but honestly, it’s about as exciting to me as when I learned there would be a Ruby Tuesday’s. Of course I live two blocks from Red Rocks so have little need for delivery.

    In the grand scheme of things Papa John’s isn’t the worst mass-produced pizza, but the garlic sauce is nasty and I’d much rather have ‘za from one of the locals.

  • Goat cheese pizza at Moroni’s. I’ll never go back to any mass produced pizza after that.

  • Diavolo pizza at Moronis!

  • Red Rocks and Washington Pizza.

  • It’s been open for a while. I will admit to having a secret crush on Papa Johns. It brings back fond college memories. I just try really hard not to think about the liquid garlic stuff.

    Considering that *some* people have obsessions with Taco Bell, I’d consider my crush fairly innocent.

  • Sometimes you just gotta fill that craving for something a little on the nasty good side! πŸ™‚

  • anyone else think that Red Rocks is nasty? I’ve had nothing but bad experiences there… bad, soggy pizza, and worst of all – bad service!

    I really wish it was better… I keep going back HOPING it will be, and I’m always disappointed.

  • When I want good pizza I go pick up from Moronis and bring it home.
    When I want the best cheap american-style mass-market pizza, I hop into my car and drive to Manny & Olga’s at 14th and T to pick up.
    When I want to order in, I’m pretty much screwed and if I’m desperate I go with either Washington Pizza (bad) or Dominos on Hawaii Ave (eh, it’s Dominos).
    I didn’t know there was a Papa John’s there and it has not vaulted to the top of the desperation pizza list.

    When is the new Manny & Olga’s in Petworth opening up?

  • Just to be clear, I meant to say that PJs has NOW vaulted to the top of the list.

  • sometimes i just want a simple basic mass produced pizza, and papa johns is the answer. i had a craving for one for a while so i got one last weekend. it was good and quick delivery. i was happy. of course when i want a good pizza i may go somewhere else (moroni or vace) but for quick generic its papa johns or pizza bolis. they all cover different bases. and red rocks gets the gasface day in and day out, just had to add that in…

  • Seriously?! Another pizza debate? This is at least a weekly topic on every CH/Petworth blog. Yes, there are good pizza places in Mt. P/Petworth/CH. People, just go to the one you like and leave it at that. Clearly, the debate will remain open.

  • Pizza Boli’s is the best delivery (read: non-specialty ala Red Rocks) pizza in the Hood. We order from the Brookland location and have never been disappointed. The ingredients are fresh, numerous, and it never tastes like some pre-fabricated crap like Papa’s often does.

    I may be a bit biased though…Boli’s won my heart forever when on a drunken Saturday morning at 3am they were not only opened but STILL delivered to us! Customer for life.

  • Pollo pizza from Moronis-I love the pizza debates!

  • Papa Johns for the free dipping sauces, pepperoncinis, quick delivery, ordering online and cheap pizza. It’s been open for a little while.

  • love the pizza debates too πŸ™‚

    (yay for diavolo at moroni’s)

    i did try Pete’s and i like the slice options they have…sausage and peppers is tasty.

    Hey PoP…do a blind tasting with your interns and see who prefers what. have selections of pj’s, petes, moroni, manny’s, etc etc….expensive tasting, but would continue the fun pizza debates (hee hee)

  • I’ve gotten Moroni’s pizza and it’s not very good. I challenge anyone to say the pizza even lives up to the style they’re copying, pizza paradiso, or 2 Amys, which also focuses on the personal pizza. More power to them for opening, and no doubt they’re superior to the national chains, but I’ve had Moroni’s a few times and it doesn’t live up to the hype or price.

    When Radius opened in MTP I was so happy there was decent pizza I could walk to that I ate there several times a month for a year and raved about it. Then in the second year, I admitted to myself that they have a quality problem.

    You will admit Moroni’s faults in a few months.

  • Wait, you can get delivery from Moroni now?

  • Parma pizza at Moroni’s is my favorite. There’s a delicious sausage & red pepper pizza at Ella’s Wood Fired pizza. I also love Red Rocks though the fact that it’s now always packed is unfortunately a turnoff. Moving to Petworth has made me lose all patience for waiting to eat. College basically ruined me for ever eating Domino’s again. I don’t mind paying more to eat well.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Yep, Moroni’s delivers but there is a $20 minimum. Someone once mentioned that they didn’t deliver every time but I’ve never had a problem.

  • I live right next door to the new Papa Johns. I was afraid that all of their delivery drivers would clog up our little one way street, but so far no real problems with that. Thanks Papa.

  • Enough with Maroni & Bros – it’s not that good, their delivery is unpredictable, and it’s way overpriced!

  • Try Duccini’s. It’s our preference for delivery.

  • Whenever I want my pizza sauce to induce a diabetic seizure, Papa Johns hits the spot. Then I pass out and flop around on the floor.

  • Moroni’s: $10 whole fried fish +Bittberger = yes!

    They could use some work on the pizza though.

  • Seriously, the only time I ever had a sub-par pizza from Moroni’s was when I was delayed picking up my pizza and it cooled off a bit. Maybe that’s the problem Moroni-haters have, that they aren’t eating it fresh enough. I really think it’s the best in town.

  • I’m not even sure why people continue to bicker about Red Rocks vs. Moroni Brothers. People, these places are a mile and a half away from each other! Hell, Red Rocks is closer to Coppi’s on U street than it is to Moroni Brothers. Is there anyone who would seriously trek to one when they could walk to the other?

    I live near Red Rocks, and I like it a lot. Is it always perfect? No. But it’s pretty damn good. I have never had Moroni Brothers, but from reading stuff here, it’s got about as many fan boys and detractors as Red Rocks. So obviously it’s not perfect either.

    It’s not a competition. Nor is there any chance in hell I’m going to walk a mile and a half (or get in my car, god forbid) when I can walk down the street to Red Rocks.

  • Damn it now I’m hungry! πŸ™‚

  • Whether you pick Moroni or Red Rocks, for heavens sake, sit down and eat it right there and ONLY THEN and only then compare them to each other or to anything else. Yes, I too order delivery or pick up from Moroni, but I also know that its far superior if you eat it right there, steaming hot and crispy from the oven.

    The second best is to pop it to a 500 degree oven for a couple of minutes if you do pick it up or have it delivered.

  • Moroni’s is really great–they have a pizza with potatoes and an egg over easy…amazing!! Plus they do deliver and they don’t really hold you to the $20 minimum….2 Amy’s is over-rated….the atmosphere sucks….and all the white people with their spoiled rotten kids are enough to make you puke. I am being serious-once I was forced to sit next to a table of three 10 year olds who insisted on their own table–they wouldn’t sit with mom and dad. Just in case you care I am white!!!

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