Ah, So That’s What It’s Going To Look Like

IMG_6381, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Thanks to a reader for sending me an update on what the 2200 block of 14th and W will look like. As usual DC MUD has the skinny including renderings.

They say: “Five buildings in the 2200 block of 14th Street (2203, 2205, 2207, 2209, 2211) were approved for demolition by the DC Historic Planning Board as part of the new Anthony Bowen YMCA and 14W project by DC-based developer Perseus Realty, LLC and YMCA of Metropolitan Washington.”

That’s going to be almost DC USA wild when it is completed.

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  • How funny — I was about to post in your other query about Results that I don’t feel so bad about a Results not going in there, but I wish there were another fitness center that might be more family and community friendly. And here we go! After reading about how some absolutely adorable kids are struggling with their weight in this week’s Post series, I’m glad to see something like this.

  • I heard from a friend of the Level2 Development guys that their View14 development (one block north of this YMCA site) was still going to have a results gym, because the one on U&16th was going to move to View14. Is my friend misinformed?

  • I mean, there’s already a YMCA there, it’s just looks kinda crappy. Can’t say I’ve ever been inside. I assume this is replacing the one between 13th and 14th on W? If they had an outdoor pool that would be awesome, I’d totally join to take advantage of that during the summer.

  • Will this YMCA have a gym (I am not a very young or christian man so I am not sure if all YMCAs nowadays do are gyms.. :))?

  • Well thank goodness the renderings appear to leave the adjoining Seafood/Pizza/Chinese Food/Fried Chicken takeout joint intact. Is there any cuisine it hasn’t perfected?

    miorka, you seem quite knowledgable about goings on in my neighborhood. Please tell me everything you know (preferably in haiku).

  • This new YMCA will have a bad ass gym:
    5,000 sq/ft of state-of-the-art athletic facilities, including a pool, basketball court, and child care facilities, all to be owned and operated by the YMCA.
    And yes, it’s replacing the current crappy YMCA gym.

    That’s more than 17 syllables. Sorry John.

  • Thank you, Oracle of 14th Street. Just one more question: what will the unsavory Florida Liquors patrons who use my trash can as a urinal turn into? I would be very happy with ice cream vendors or christmas trees.

  • but will it have racquetball courts?!?

    and how much do these gyms usually cost?

  • Who gives a flying F about racquetball courts.. give me squash and (oh that would be sweet) badminton courts instead! 😉

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