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The new Cooper Hardware’s sign at 3459 14th Street looks great. And who knew, they sell gardening stuff too. Let’s hope these awesome new signs inspire some other local establishments to drop their flimsy banner signs.

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  • It really makes the store stand out more. Just today, a friend of mine said that all Columbia Heights needed was a hardware store, and I reminded him of Cooper Hardware – he kindof forgot about it as it’s a pretty low-key establishment. Perhaps the sign will help in such cases.

  • WOW! i left CH in early 2005. back then, that place was a DIVE, with crap all over the place inside the store. now, it looks like a real store! i wonder if the inside has cleaned up a bit…

  • I walked by on Friday night as they were up on the ladder installing the sign over the door. I had never noticed the store before…. What a difference a sign makes.

  • Love the new sign, but unless they get more consumer-friendly hours, I won’t be able to shop there. Cooper hardware people- if you’re reading this, please open for at least a couple of hours on Sundays- or how about some evening weekday hours??

  • Wow, what an improvement!!!

  • I heartily agree that the sign is a great improvement, but Parkwood Person says it all. They need better hours, and they need to open when they say they’re going to. I tried to go there just this past Saturday morning, around 9:20am. Though their hand-written sign in the door said they opened at 9:00, the dark windows and barred doors told another story. I hoofed it down to Target instead. By the time I was walking back, around 9:40, a guy was just beginning to roll out the carts of plants in front of the store.

    On the good side though, when I do go there, the staff are friendly and helpful. The store’s aisles are narrow and the shelves crowded, but someone has always taken me to what I need, so navigating the place has been pretty painless. There’s just not much room for browsing.

    I’m still waiting to see what their “remodeling” is going to do. Other than the signs, I haven’t seen much change.

  • Holy snap, that is awesome. As others have said, hopefully this is a sign that more serious upgrades are in the works for the inside of the store. I was hoping the Logan Hardware people would open another store in CH, but if Cooper turns things around I will happily frequent their store.

  • yeah, it’s never open when it says it’s going to be so i end up going to Logan Hardward. Plus they only have plastic terra cotta colored pots, not real terra cotta ones.

  • I went there yesterday (Sunday) to buy some silicone to seal my bathtub door, and they were open for business. So maybe they are open Sundays now?

    As for the signs, I think they may have received financial help from the city to put that sign up, I know there is a city initiative to improve the store signs on 14th Street.

    You have no idea how expensive it is to get a sign like that, we’re talking thousands of dollars. That’s why a lot of businesses go the cheap route.

  • French’s Cleaners on 14th St. down the way from Red Derby recently got new signage that looks really nice. Also Abol, the small Ethiopian restaurant at Georgia and Allison, recently had a new, big, proper sign up but it has since come down again. I hope it returns. Good signs and storefronts really make a huge difference in the look of things.

  • It’s worth noting that they also have a new coat of paint… and yes it is cleaned up inside. I love that I can walk in the door and ask for what I need and they know exactly where it is. I went by Saturday for some propane for my grill and was out of there in two minutes. Two minutes because I actually stopped to talk to the owner about the sigh!

    I hope more local businesses follow suit so they can keep business with the “big-boxes” down the street.

  • It is NOT that much cleaned up inside. I think they could do a lot better. Its a hardware store after all.. how expensive (well, about $100) would it be for them to pop open a few cans of paint and paint the insider as well, at least? And perhaps even fix a few of the ceiling tiles that are sort of hanging etc… sure, there is a cost, but there is also pride and investing in your business.

    Having said that, the sign looks great. And yes, quite a few of the strore fronts have been spruced up a bit with the benefit of grants from the city.

  • love the store and people who work there. they have delivered mulch and dirt to my house before! yeah it’s not real pretty in there but they are selling hardware, so I’m ok with the dust. the sign looks amazing (btw they are open till 7 on weeknights).

  • If you go up 14th St. towards Carter Baron, you will see several shops that got the same type of signage: I suspect that this must be a “neighborhood improvement” type of thing.

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