A Little Friday Afternoon Delight?


Yeah, I’m not going to add much commentary for this one. If you’re confused just look very closely at the photo. It’s a bit bizarre, yeah?

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  • I think I see a little Jeff Smoker action going on there! And…it looks like he may be kissing and telling before its even over lol. 😛

  • is this an advertisement for what goes on in the house? if so, where can i get about 5 for mine?


  • why is that bong shaped like a human being?

  • Nothing bizarre about a good blowjob. It may be rare, but hardly bizarre.. 😀

  • I love this blog, but I think this crosses the line of decency.

  • wwwhhooooa! hilarious. I want the back story. WHY?

  • it crosses the line of decency??

    it’s part of the neighborhood.

    why not show all facets of the hood, as PoP tries to do?

    oh!! duh! i forgot… let’s hide all the stuff that we see everyday, and just glamorize the place with all the “neat stuff”.

    that, my little anonymous friend, is not displaying the neighborhood for all that it is.

    PoP’s display of all – good and bad – is helping the area to become a better place.

    the more informed you are about your place of residence, the better.

    i’m willing to bet you were born in 1951, new to the internet, or one of bush’s lackeys waiting to move back to the hinterland after the election.

    either way, that’s life in the “big city”.

    if you no likey, move to herndon and participate on their blogs – there’s plenty of room for ‘eyes closed’ over in the burbs…

  • It’s both funny, nasty and revolting, just not my taste, but some of you like it, I guess. And what’s wrong with being born in 1951? Oh, I guess you eman that’s old and old-fashioned.

  • welcome 20 2008! nice to have you around. things have changed…… nothing wrong with being born in ’51, it’s just silly to uphold the old mores and norms from an era gone by. but we do appreciate the perspective, don’t get me wrong….

  • What dirty minds! He’s sucking his thumb!

    On second thought… there is the saying, Hear no evil, see no evil, do no evil… Although why this would be considered evil, I have NO idea… 😉

    In any event, it’s definitely thought provoking… I wonder what the owner intended.

  • That’s funny. I am pretty sure zaitht is right, but it sure as hell looks like something else.

    Is it supposed to be a play on ‘See no evil, &c.’?

  • What so indecent about sucking a thumb or a cock or a bong. Ok, I do actually dislike people sucking a bong – pathetic hipsters 😉 Thumb and cock suckers are way cooler in my honest opinion… 😀

  • I think this depicts one of those polypenesian or oceanic island tribes where young boys would obtain “strength” of older men by.. well.. the method is depicted there. OR i could be wrong.

  • It’s amusing and extremely telling to read the outrage and conjecture expressed (1951 birth year? new to internet? Bush lackey?) simply because one person expresses their single-sentence, contrary opinion the decency of a picture.

  • haha, oh I suppose he is sucking his thumb…well still cool but way less fun!

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