4th PoP Logo Entry


So what do you think of this one. I’ve received a few more and people are kicking it up a notch! Do you like the memorials in the background or should there be rowhomes? You can still submit entries until this Thursday.

On a related note if you sent in an entry be sure to come to the next PoP happy hour Wed. the 21st at Looking Glass Lounge so I can give you a PoP t-shirt.

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  • It looks like the frog has been skewered.

  • I like it, but think rowhomes would make more sense.

  • Nothing in the background otherwise I like it!

  • Frog on a stick!

  • like this one best… rowhome, please.

  • this frog looks bewildered (maybe high?)…although i might look the same if i had been impaled on the washington monument…

    just kidding 🙂 good job to the artist… i still prefer the nerdy frog with the camera though!

  • Nah, too much of a “global domination” theme.. even for self-appointed roalty. 😉

  • I like it! I really like the frog itself and the way the crown is like PoP’s current logo in that it is a little big for the frog but this frog has a lot more grace in wearing it. 🙂

  • The casual frog dude with the camera was much better and relatable to what the PoP site is all about. This one seems random (the DC flag insignia interposed on the world, whatsupwitthat?) and the frog lacks any personification.

  • I like it, but I agree with 3:43PM Anon.

  • Besides a frog kabob, it looks like the frog just pooped the lincoln memorial. I like the frog and the crown, maybe have it perched on top of a map of DC or the DC flag instead of the world.

  • A strong logo should have two to three tightly integrated visual metaphors. The one above has about 5 going on, and no hierarchy is emerging. The skewed typography on an arc is the worst offense, and isn’t centered around the globe, while the radial gradient doesn’t add to the general aesthetic. Simplify simplify.

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