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  • What really makes this odd is the creepy Halloween decorations above the door.

  • A google search turned up many pages attibuting this quote to Bobby Sands, a member of the Irish Republican Army who died while on hunger strike in a British prison in 1981 (thank you Wikipedia).

    Now, why this is written on what appears to be part of a brown paper bag taped to the door of a house in Petworth still adorned with Halloween decorations….that’s something I’d love to know!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Ed note: Just for the record this house is in Columbia Heights.

  • I live on the same block as this house – I would say it’s rather artsy

  • i still say it’s weird

  • i think the phrase is tantamount to a declaration of espousing our future for the sake of our progeny. or some such…

    i just wanted to use the word “tantamount” today.

    in real life, i just think the sign is goofy.

  • Pretty creepy.

  • I bet if you ring the doorbell a clown answers!

  • maybe an Iraqi ex-pat lives there.

  • stupid I say…I live on that block too.

  • i think the quote itself is sort of nice… a peaceful way of declaring your ultimate victory. i wish i could be as stoic… my sign would be something to the tune of ‘ my revenge will be the screams of YOUR children… now get the hell out of my yard’ … or something like that 🙂

  • “our revenge will be the crying of our children on a packed transatlantic flight” would be better.

  • this house is funny. walk by on any given day and you cant miss the smell of marijuana wafting out to the sidewalk.

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