Wonderland Gets More Outdoor Seating


I’ve always been a huge fan of the beer garden at Wonderland and still am. But get there late on a beautiful day and it is smashed crowded. So I was psyched to see that they have opened up more outdoor seating options with individual tables. The perfect spot for Happy Hour drinking and eating but mostly drinking. Has anyone sat at the new outdoor space? Like it?

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  • Not a fan of Wonderland — and even worse is that they killed Temperance Hall.

  • We sat at these tables on Saturday night because the beer garden was full. It was great to have this new option. Otherwise, we would have been inside on a beautiful night.

  • Try Sundays!

  • I am also very bitter at wonderland for killing temperance hall. looking glass lounge is pretty bad. at least bring back the sweet/salty peanuts, the fuji/fontina sandwich, and some half-hearted attempt at originality.

  • I see Matthew!

  • The tables look nice… now if they could only hire some people to service them. I like wonderland, but the bartending and waitressing is some of the worst in town.

  • for such atrocious service, they sure get a lot of business…hmm. I adore the new patio extension, it’s very relaxing on a warm day. Good beer, good service, and wonderful conversation.

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