When Two Lions Aren’t Enough

IMG_7931, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Add two more. Oh and some angels or cherubs what are those down in the left hand corner of the picture?

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  • Wow tacky.

  • aw, i bet the sweetest old lady lives here and these are things shes collected from yard sales and flea markets for years… if the yard is this well loved and so thoroughly decorated, imagine what the inside looks like! the older and tackier people get, the sweeter and more beautiful they become (USUALLY 🙂

  • What a mess! I happen to know that the lady that lives there isn’t old. Not even close. Just a bit of a collector of all things tacky and sad.

  • Damn. I was going to take a picture of this place and submit it to you. You really are doing a disservice by not showing the entire front of the house. This just shows 10% of what’s laid out there.

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