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  • cheesy, unless the house is a statement/keepsake, and then only if the name is historically relevant…

    more to my point “what are our thoughts on ‘renaming’ a house?”

    if i build a geodeisic sphere home on that vacant corner lot on georgia north of the metro, i’ll name it “Discolicious”

  • Well, I guess Autumn Manor could be a persons real name too.. 😀

  • I think the important thing is that once you decide to name your house you never let your friends or family refer to it by anything other than it’s proper name. For instance, “are we having Thanksgiving at your house?” should instead be “are we having Thanksgiving at Autumn Manor?”

  • David, I will guaranty Discolicious will be packed every night!

  • I had a sister in law whose parents had a house that had a name. I thought they were awfully pretentious.

  • There’s a house on my street with a sign across the porch line that says “THE JONES-HANDY HOUSE” in a sort of Times New Roman font. I can only guess that the Jones-Handy family lives there.

    I know it is, or used to be anyway, common in England for houses to have names — even the “commoners'” houses. We had friends whose house was called Patches. Sort of cute.

  • I think if there was a lot of effort/stress in putting the house thing together, there is an urge to name the damn thing. I went through hell, and on closing night that Seinfeld episode was on wherein “Serenity Now!” was yelled. I almost named my house that. Come to find out , it is a very popular name for boats these days.

  • For a single family home, I think its essential if you’re on a ranch or plantation. Optional if its a vacation house or cabin in the woods. Otherwise, it’s just very… silly?

    For some reason, I think single family homes should be referred to by their address, but I find it a bit pretentious when apartment or office buildings are named their address- like, “The Condominiums at Forty Two Tenth” etc.

  • goofy and nouveau riche.

  • You should check out the house on Independence Ave SE right before the intersection with North Carolina, near Eastern Market. It’s named the “House of Misrepresentatives”. I know PoP doesn’t like to leave NW but maybe he should send an intern to snap a picture.

  • I think it’s kinda pretentious but if you’re gonna do it then I’d go with something absolutely ridiculous like “Happy Funtown Love Shack” or “The Greatest House Ever Named ‘Bob'”.

  • Nouveau riche? Not that DC is in the South by most Southerners’ definition, but naming houses is an old southern tradition. I bet you all know the name of the house in Gone With the Wind, for example. I grew up in a house named Trilby, and everyone in our family and all who knew us referred to it as such. “Cool. I’ll meet you at Trilby at 11…”

  • I love the name “Autumn Manor”..

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