What Am I Missing?

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I just don’t get these random proclamations. And what makes someone hang one from their window? I’m dying to know what they “can” do. Care to speculate? Whatever it is, for some reason I find it very petulant. Once again, what’s wrong with me?

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  • It’s one of Obama’s speeches/slogans. Will.i.am of the Black-eyed peas turned it into a music video you can see here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjXyqcx-mYY

  • That’s it’s Obama’s slogan,kinda? In a gospel call and response sorta way, anyhow.

    I think that’s what you’re missing.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Ah, ok. In that case, I’ll say it too, Yes We Can.

  • No, you can’t!

  • I’m pretty sure this is in reference to Obama, but in California this was the rallying call of Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Worker’s. Actually it was “Si se puede”, which translates to “yes we can.” these words are a lot more than an obama slogan to most of the latino population in america.

    i am personally very happy that he adopted the saying, but i hope people take the time to understand its rich history and powerful meaning.

  • Maybe they are long time fans of The Pointer Sisters?

  • Lol.. don’t be silly, just because A union happened to use it, it does not give a simple sentence “rich history and powerful meaning.” Stop trying to make everything historic and significant.

  • Haven’t been to an Obama rally yet, have you?

  • Si se puede is about as entrenched in Latin American political history as “I am a Man” and “Hell no we won’t go” is in ours…I think Chavez borrowed it from Mexican politics…I’ve seen it on protest signs and in speeches in South America too, even when divorced from union politics….I don’t know how far it goes back, but it has always been the slogan of the populists fight back against elites.

  • I gotta back El Gringo on this one… I don’t know if the slogan belongs to anyone in particular other than motivated people everywhere. However, during my days as a forajido in Ecuador ‘Si se puede’ was a popular slogan during the overthrow of Lucio Gutierrez …Consequently, It was also used extensively in their bid for the last World Cup 🙂

  • Actually, the slogan is owned and probably copyrighted by Bob the Builder (all of you with kids will know what I mean) – perhaps he is illegally living there now, doing construction work in the area? In fact, I wish Obama started using his theme song in his events – would give a nice humorous and less anal (err..) touch to the events!

  • I am surprised that you are so disconnected with what is happening around this country. It is funny that in this city, you need a blog entry to explain that frase, and why people are using it now.

  • You must live under a rock if you don’t know what this tag line references. I like that it’s hand made.

  • “Yes I Can” is tired and over used… just like Obama!

  • I gotta agree with Anonymous and DupontGirl how could you NOT know that “Yes we can” is an Obama reference?

    (also it’s p-h-r-a-s-e)

  • “Yes we can” sounds a bit “everyone is winner” to me. It’s no wonder so many spoiled twenty-somethings love some Obama. He talks just like their helicopter parents do! “Don’t worry, Obama is gonna be there for your soccer game!” “Obama wants you to know that you are very special!” “Don’t worry if you can’t do algebra homework, Obama will get your ritalin prescription filled!”

    Are the visigoths at the gates yet?

  • I’d rather chant “

  • “Everyone is a winner” is a cop out statement that diminishes the notion of competition. “Yes we can” is a definitive statement saying that through people working together this particular task can be accomplished. Not really the same thing. At all.

  • “Yes we can” isn’t a definitive statement of anything, it’s empty rhetoric from an empty candidate. Best part is, like so many other ideas, it isn’t even his own! But, as I said, he’s the perfect candidate for twenty-something hipsters who’ve been shoveled so much bull about themselves for so long that they are apt to believe an incredibly shallow pitch like “yes we can”. America doesn’t need “yes we can,” we need “just stop it”.

    Just. Stop. It.

  • Thank you reuben. Yes We Can, Can!

  • I’m a lifelong democrat. But I’m having a hard time thinking Barack is more than just all talk. He reminds me of televangelist or infomercial life coach ala Tony Robbins.

  • Smedley you are so right! Why aren’t the candidates telling us “No, we can’t”? Clearly we can’t do anything right so lets just give up and let the Chinese take over world leadership. I don’t know how to pronounce it but get used to hearing “???????”

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