Vigilante Garbage Collection?

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I thought DC collected all the trash in town. What is “Good Friends” waste management? Do they have an agreement with the city or are some people paying extra for this service?

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  • Prince Of Petworth

    a reader writes: “District picks up trash from residential buildings with fewer than
    four units. Residential with four or more, and all commercial, must
    hire a private trash hauler.”,a,1203,q,518115.asp

  • Has anyone seen the Good Friends’ garbage trucks? My, oh my, what a color scheme.

  • “good friends” colors are intense and the dude on the side of the truck looks a bit like a psycho killer but no matter the one dude that i’ve spoken to about potential garbage collection is a real nice guy. i didn’t use them as dc only requires businesses to have recycling (so i found the cheapest option) and i get all my trash picked up and dropped off at another stores dumpster but if i needed both “good friends” is the way to go.

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