Vastu’s A Furniture Store, Yeah?

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No cell phones? I can’t decide if that is the coolest thing I’ve seen or if it is slightly insane. It’s not like it’s a movie theatre but I generally despise people’s phone conversations. So, ok, I’ve decided this is a pretty cool policy. What do you think?

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  • Cool policy, but the shop has some serious problems with customer service. I would be much more amenable to them dictating what their customers can say and do on the premises as long as the owners behave in a professional manner. Alas, they do not.

  • Pretentious. But heck- to each their own. It’s their store, they can do with it what they will.

  • Pretentious?????

  • I’m all for it. Also, I have to say that I received very professional service at this store.

  • Please, please, please don’t talk on your cell phone while you are in a small shop. Or if you have to (some calls are important, I understand), then please don’t talk on your cell phone while you are purcashing something at the counter. That’s just rude.

  • I wish they’d have a “no cell phone” rule on the buses and trains—I’m sick of hearing people talk about how much money they make, what relative’s in jail, who has what STD or other crap that I just don’t need to hear!

    I think this shop’s right on the ball with this rule!

  • Yep, I think it’s pretentious. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s obnoxious to be yapping on the phone in smallish public places, but the sign is, well, tacky. That thing is scotch taped onto the door. To me, it says, “the person working here has major attitude and got pissy one day and decided to tape an ugly sign on the door” But I’m probably reading too much into it. At worst, it’s insulting to their customers (do we really need a furniture store to teach us manners??), and at best its… anything but gracious.

  • (do we really need a furniture store to teach us manners??)

    Sadly, yes. Not many people are picking up manners from home, and if they did we wouldn’t need signs like that.

  • Pretentious. And yes, those guys need to give some customer care education to their sale reps. Not sure if it was one of the owners, but when we were buying a bed there (yes we did end up buying it even after the “incident”), the guy picked up HIS phone saying “sorry but he is a really important customer”… yep, and we were not. What a fucking asshole.

  • Well, I agree hearing a cell phone conversation can be very annoying when you aren’t the one having it. (ha, and sometimes when you are!) But at the same time, that cell phoner could be in there with a friend yapping away instead…what is the difference in the end, you still hear a conversation you don’t really want to, only now there are two voices instead of just one. At the same time, that being said, I think if someone is being just way too loud, it should be acceptable to ask them to please step outside until they are finished. But if a store wants to do away with having to decide when its too loud, than I think its a good policy to have a no cell phone rule period. If you don’t like that rule, don’t go in…

  • Take it outside! I’m not interested.

  • I’ve bought a lot of stuff from these guys and they’ve always been very professional and extremely good at customer service. In fact, when I asked about the no cellphone sign, I was told they did it to try to shield their customers from hearing obnoxious cell phone users loudly using profanity, discussing various bodily functions or medical issues, and discussing their latest sexual conquests. I think the policy is great.

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