U Street To Get A Boutique Hotel?

This is potentially super cool news. Thanks to a reader for sending me this link from DCMUD about possibly development on U Street across the street from the Ellington Apartments. DCMUD reports:

“Though in its very early stages and likely to evolve, the vision is to replace the current strip mall across the street from the Ellington Apartments, replacing it with a single building that would house underground parking, retail on the ground floor, a boutique hotel on floors 3-8, and possibly capped by two floors of residential to max out the density.”

So do you think this is a good idea for that spot on U street?

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  • What strip mall??? The ellington is between 13th and 14th on U right? Are they talking about the CVS/pizza hut/insurance company? I think all the other buildings are old. The district should sell the Reeves center to a developer. I would stay there!

  • no, I think it’s a bad idea, especially if it means losing Polly’s, Twin’s Jazz, Creme, Al Crostino, etc etc. Those are all good, local businesses that are important to the neighborhood. If it means loosing the nail shop, the Rite Aid (it’s not a CVS), the dollar shop, the insurance business, the pizza place: well than that’s just gentrification. And I don’t really see why we need a hotel on U Street (do we want more tourists in our neighborhood? I certainly don’t). Thumbs down from me.

  • the only business that would remain would be rite aid. they have a lease that terminates in 2026 and probably wouldn’t relent to a buyout. also the developers with the idea don’t own any of the land on or near u street nw. good idea, but the hotel should be smaller and off the main strip. see ace hotel of seattle and portland.

  • I don’t know-I think they are running out of famous people from the 20s who lived near U Street to be the them for buildinds (the ellington, langston lofts, busboys and poets, etc). Maybe they could start naming new buildings after the people that destroyed much of the city during the race riots. They could name the hotel the “Carmichael” and could house a VIP lounge called the “Burn baby burn room.”

  • Yuck. There are tons of cool restaurants and stores in that so-called strip mall. Why not put the hotel up 14th street where they seem to be gutting everything in sight for condos that no one wants to buy?

  • Let’s just hope Adams Morgan gets its boutique hotel first (should open by 2012).

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