This is How We Roll in Petworth

IMG_8247, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Mine’s in the shop but it looks a lot like this one. Wait a second, I mean mine’s in my imagination however it looks more like a vespa but the rides share similar racing stripes!

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  • Now there’s a guy with a really tiny penis!

    I kid, I kid. I have no first-hand knowledge of his penis.

  • Sweeeeeet. : )

    Christina needs to get off her bra-burning soap box and let us boys have our toys.

  • Yeah, and our bleeding ears when he speeds away.. I mean come on, if you must have a penis extension does it also have to be so damned loud? My penis is quite silent actually – even when I talk to it, it never responds.

  • i would sacrifice my first born for that bike

  • Yeah, when I first saw it I had to admit it’s cool factor outweighed its kitchiness. It’s really cool at night when the bike is lit up neon blue. However, it is absolutely too loud. It hurt my ears from about a block away.

  • That is a monster bike. Are those spikes on his helmet?

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